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Call of the Night Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Call of the Night Season 2

Season 1 of the anime Call of the Night made quite an impression when it debuted last summer. As fans eagerly await details on Season 2, speculation is high about what direction the vampire-focused slice-of-life show could take next.


For those unfamiliar, Call of the Night follows Kou Yamori, a lonely teenage boy who meets an unusual vampire girl named Nazuna Nanakusa one night. Nazuna invites Kou to join her shadowy world of vampires who only come out at night. Their sweet, funny, and sometimes wistful adventures build an unlikely bond between a human and an immortal.

Plot of Season 1

The first season she has introduced audiences to Kou and Nazuna’s relationship, as she playfully tried to persuade him to become a vampire too while explaining her unique philosophy on human and vampire relations. We met the other oddball vampires Nazuna hangs with, like the chaos-loving Hatsuka and the elder Seri. The anime adapted part of Kotoyama’s ongoing manga series.

Main characters

Kou is a sympathetic protagonist to whom viewers can relate. His background of isolation and desire to have true friends is heart-wrenching. Meanwhile, Nazuna brings vibrant energy, deep caring, and a touch of enigma as the lead female vampire.

Their rapidly growing chemistry was a highlight of the show. Supporting characters like Hatsuka, Seri, Anko, and Akira have quirks that keep things fun, too.

Call Of The Night Season main character
Call Of The Night Season’s main character Kou

Popularity and Reception of Season 1

Call of the Night gained lots of buzz during its first season run. Fans worldwide praised the unconventional premise and captivating visual aesthetic, combining cute and gothic vibes, memorable characters, comedy, and emotional depth. The anime trended weekly on Twitter in several regions.

It scored well amongst reviewers, with special recognition from the Korean animation studio Liden Films for their work adapting the manga’s style.

Details and speculation about Season 2

Unsurprisingly, demand for a second season grew as the first wrapped up without finishing the full story. Here are some possibilities if Season 2 gets confirmed:

Potential plot points to explore

  • Further developing romantic chemistry between Kou and Nazuna
  • Showing Kou meet Nazuna’s mysterious sire, the vampire who turned her
  • Introducing the vampires’ human allies, Secret Society ROSA
  • Deep-diving into the backstories and inner conflicts of lead characters

New characters that could be introduced

  • Other vampire clans beyond Nazuna’s circle
  • Rivals or antagonists that disapprove of human/vampire friendships
  • More of Kou’s classmates and teachers
  • Kou’s younger sister Nozomu

Animation and art style changes or improvements

Fans would love Liden Films to animate a second season, given the high praise for their adaptation of the manga art style. There could be more chances to experiment with vivid lighting, detailed shading, exotic locales, and fluid fight choreography.

Expected Release Date

Nothing is yet confirmed, but speculation puts Call of the Night Season 2 potentially releasing in mid to late 2024 if given the green light soon.

Production timeline

The anime industry usually needs at least a year for production. The Season 1 finale left off at manga volume 5, so there’s enough source material for another 1 or 2 core season.

What needs to happen before release

  • Official renewal announcement from the production committee
  • Scriptwriting for new episodes
  • Animation studio and main production staff confirmed
  • Initial promotional images and videos released
  • Launch of a Season 2 website and social media build-up

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Call Of The Night Season  plot
Call Of The Night Season plot

Where to watch Season 2

Streaming platforms

For Season 1, Call of the Night was released on HiDive and Crunchyroll, so expect Season 2 on those services for international fans, too. It would likely air first on broadcast TV Tokyo again in Japan before hitting streaming.

International release plans

With the first season licensed for dubbing in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and more, Season 2 would hopefully get the same treatment for wider accessibility globally.

Impact of Call of the Night

Why has this anime struck such a chord? It stands out for some critical contributions to the evolution of the vampire genre.

New takes on vampire lore and traits

The vampires have traditional weaknesses like sunlight, stakes, and thirst for blood. But the series puts thoughtful new spins like Nazuna trembling and becoming paralyzed under the open night sky versus just burning up. It also establishes rules about vows binding vampire makers and offspring.

Interesting dynamics between humans and vampires

Unlike most human/vampire relationships portrayed antagonistically in media, Call of the Night explores them forming legitimate connections. Kou isn’t forced or tricked to join them; he willingly seeks friendship. The vampires don’t treat humans only like food or servants but as potential partners in society.

Influence on anime industry trends

It boosted a recent niche gaining global popularity: slice-of-life supernatural shows. Its strong reception reinforces that anime fans appreciate understated stories with atmospheric vibes versus just explosive action.

It also attracted viewers outside established anime fandom, as the crossover cast dynamic appeals to vampire fiction lovers. It is approachable even for those unfamiliar with anime tropes and cliches.

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Future of Call of the Night

Assuming continued manga source material and eager viewers, the Call of the Night franchise has rosy prospects ahead.

Possibilities for additional seasons or spinoffs

Spinoff series or films focusing on side characters could be possible even after Kou and Nazuna’s core storyline concludes. For example, past tales from Nazuna’s 200+ years as a vampire before meeting Kou or adventures with other vampire clans could make fun of OVAs.

Source material availability

As of early 2024, Kotoyama’s original manga remains ongoing with enough content for presumably 3 or more total anime seasons. So, future anime sequel seasons are likely barring any production issues.

Fan demand influences production decisions

In today’s digitally connected anime industry, production committees pay close attention to global fan reception. Call of the Night’s popularity is thus fueling consideration of sequel seasons.

Potential for live-action adaptation one day

A format like episodic live-action drama could also work someday for its narrative style. It would depend on casting good teen actors to match the appeal of animation. But vampire dramas continue trending across media.

In summary, Call of the Night Season 2 has tons of potential to deliver another excellent season if produced. Fans eagerly await any official confirmation and further news!

Call Of The Night Season Story
Call Of The Night Season Story

Behind the Scenes: Liden Films’ Role

Liden Films, the studio behind the visually stunning first season, is expected to spearhead “Call of the Night: Season 2.” Known for its vibrant animation style, showcased in works like “Tokyo Revengers” and “Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor,” Liden Films will likely maintain the high standards set by the first season.

A Glimpse into the Animation Studio’s Portfolio

With a track record of excellence, expectations for Liden Films are naturally high. Their ability to capture the essence of Japanese nightlife in the first season, coupled with sharp visuals, elevated Nazuna and Kou’s escapades. Fans eagerly anticipate a continuation of this immersive experience in Season 2.

Where to Watch: Platforms and Distribution

While not officially confirmed, it’s speculated that “Call of the Night: Season 2” will follow the distribution pattern of its predecessor, possibly on HIDIVE and Netflix. Learning from fans’ challenges in accessing the first season, hopes are high for international availability on popular streaming services.

Lessons from Season 1: Streaming Platforms Matter

The distribution hurdles faced during the release of Season 1 underscore the importance of accessible streaming platforms. The inconvenience of limited availability, especially on major services like Crunchyroll, led to a quest for the anime’s whereabouts. Ensuring a smoother experience for Season 2 is a priority for the studio and fans.

Anticipating the Future

As fans eagerly await the sequel, the lessons learned from Season 1’s challenges linger. The potential for a captivating viewing experience lies ahead, and the anime community holds its breath, hoping that “Season 2” will surpass expectations and become a highlight of 2024.

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Is “Call of the Night: Season 2” officially confirmed?

Currently, there’s no official confirmation, but the anticipation remains high.

Where can I watch Season 2?

While not confirmed, HIDIVE and Netflix are speculated platforms for Season 2.

How many manga chapters are yet to be adapted into the anime?

Over 100 manga chapters await adaptation in “Call of the Night: Season 2.”

What challenges did fans face with Season 1 availability?

Limited accessibility on major streaming platforms, such as Crunchyroll, posed challenges for fans.

When can Season 2 be released?

While no official date has been announced, 2024 holds promise for the sequel’s release.

Is Call of the Night getting a Season 2?

Nothing is officially confirmed yet by Aniplex and production partners, but the renewal announcement seems highly likely, given strong sales and reviews.

How much manga material is left to adapt in anime?

As of early 2024, the Call of the Night manga is up to Volume 13, a total of over 9 years running, with no finale in sight soon. So, plenty of source material exists for future anime seasons.

Where does the anime leave off compared to the manga?

The first season finale concludes roughly around Chapter 32 of the manga, published in Volume 5.

How good are the chances for the English dub of Season 2?

Very high. The subtitled and dubbed versions performed well for legal streaming and home video sales in North America and other Western territories.

Will the same anime studio work on a second season?

Hopefully! Animation studio Liden Films did an excellent job on the Season 1 production. Many fans feel their specific adaptation of the manga art style was crucial for Call of the Night’s appeal.

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