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Planetside 3: Everything We Know So Far

Featured image of planetside 3Featured image of planetside 3
Featured image of planetside 3

The Planetside franchise has a long history and a dedicated fanbase. Planetside 1 was first released in 2003 as a revolutionary massively multiplayer online first-person shooter (MMOFPS) set in a futuristic sci-fi setting. It featured large open-world maps with territories and bases that hundreds of players could fight to control simultaneously. This type of large-scale FPS gameplay was groundbreaking for its time.

planetside 3 release date

Planetside 2 launched in 2012 as a true sequel and was met with popularity and acclaim. It expanded the world and warfare of the original, featuring advanced graphics, new factions and classes, and massive 750-player battles. Planetside 2 continues to be updated and supported today, with a strong community of veteran players.

The Demand for Planetside 3

Despite Planetside 2’s longevity, fans have been eager for a true next-gen sequel for years now. The developers have acknowledged this demand, dropping hints about working on a Planetside 3. After a decade, Planetside 2 is showing its age, so the timing feels right for the franchise to leap to more modern technology.

The Planetside player base is as excited as ever at the prospect of Planetside 3. They dream of their favorite large-scale combined arms FPS being revitalized with cutting-edge graphics, new features, and expanded scope. Many feel Planetside 2 has run its course and want a sequel built from the ground up for modern hardware. The developers seem to agree, implying in interviews that a proper sequel is the logical next step.

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The Demand for Planetside 3

What We Know About Planetside 3 So Far

Details remain scarce about Planetside 3, with no official announcements yet. Based on rumors and developer comments, tentative predictions can be made about its potential release date, platforms, trailer, and setting.

Most speculation points toward a release date sometime in 2024 or 2025 to coincide with new console generations. It’s expected to launch on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. A reveal trailer will likely arrive 1-2 years before release. The setting should continue the Planetside universe, with similar factions, technology, and large-scale warfare. The developers mention intentions to push gameplay forward significantly while retaining the franchise identity.

Hints have been dropped about modernized gunplay, new vehicle designs, massive maps, better movement mechanics, and enhanced tactics and strategy. Visuals will inevitably receive a major overhaul to meet modern standards and appeal to new players. But the classic combined arms warfare of vehicles, air, and infantry will remain at the heart of the gameplay.

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Planetside 3 Official Video Trailer

Here is one of the Planetside 3 trailers we found.

Most Anticipated Features for Planetside 3

While specifics remain under wraps, certain features are expected and hoped for in Planetside 3 based on the previous games and fans’ wishes:

  • Upgraded Graphics and Visuals: This is a given with a new sequel built for modern hardware. Planetside 2 still looks decent, but a major graphics increase is needed to breathe new life into the series. Ray tracing, detailed textures, enhanced effects, and high-resolution support will help immerse players.
  • Larger Maps and Battles: The franchise is known for its huge scale, which many hope to see pushed further in Planetside 3. Maps could hold over 1,000 players with massive battles beyond what Planetside 2 offered. Next-gen hardware should allow bigger environments and player counts.
  • New Vehicles and Weapons: While iconic vehicles and guns will likely return, Planetside 3 presents an opportunity to introduce new options for transportation, attack, and defense. Variety is key for the large-scale combined arms approach.

Potential Issues and Concerns

While excitement for Planetside 3 is understandably high, some potential pitfalls need to be avoided:

  • Content Droughts: Planetside 2 suffered from long stretches without major updates. Avoiding this with Planetside 3 will be key to maintaining an active player base long-term.
  • Class/Faction Balance: Keeping the rock-paper-scissors balance between classes and factions will be crucial for fair, fun gameplay. Poor balance could negatively impact popularity.
  • Cheating/Hacking: Dealing with aimbots and wallhacks will require an invasive anti-cheat system, which needs to be balanced against legitimate players’ privacy concerns.
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The Excitement and Hype Around Planetside 3

Speculation and anticipation for Planetside 3 continue to grow within the gaming community. For longtime franchise fans, it represents hopes and dreams of the ultimate evolution of their favorite large-scale FPS. The scale and intensity of Planetside battles remain unmatched, hence the desire for the series to reach new heights.

Hype Around Planetside 3

Planetside 3 also presents an opportunity to draw in new players who may be attracted to the concept but intimidated by Planetside 2’s age. The prospect of participating in wars of this magnitude appeals to FPS enthusiasts. If the developers can retain the franchise’s strengths while modernizing and expanding its scope, interest in Planetside 3 will be immense.

The potential scale, features, and innovation possible have both loyal and prospective players extremely excited. Realizing the true next-generation sequel the franchise deserves would be a huge moment for fans. Speculations and hype continue building as the community eagerly awaits official word on Planetside 3.


Planetside 3 can bring the massive-scale FPS genre to extraordinary new heights if done right. The foundations laid by the first two games combined with modern hardware capabilities could allow the developers to fulfill fans’ long-held wishes. While details remain under wraps for now, expectations will continue mounting as more rumors emerge.

If Planetside 3 reaches its full potential, it could become one of the most groundbreaking and ambitious shooters ever. Veteran players and newcomers alike are hungry for that next giant leap.


Q: What year will Planetside 3 release?

A: There is no confirmed release date yet, but speculation points to 2024 or 2025 based on development timelines.

Q: Will Planetside 3 be on PS5 and Xbox Series X?

A: It is expected to launch on the next-generation consoles PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

Q: How many players will Planetside 3 maps hold?

A: Potentially over 1000 players on next-gen hardware, up from 750 players in Planetside 2.

Q: Will Planetside 3 have ray tracing and enhanced graphics?

A: Yes, a major graphical upgrade is anticipated using new technology like ray tracing.

Q: Will Planetside 2 gameplay and maps carry over to Planetside 3?

A: Some iconic elements will likely return, but current thinking is Planetside 3 will feature entirely new content.

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