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Crysis 4: Everything We Know So Far

Crysis 4

The Crysis series has been renowned for pushing the boundaries of graphics technology and offering open-ended sandbox gameplay. After years of silence following Crysis 3 in 2013, EA and Crytek finally announced that Crysis 4 is in development. While details remain scarce, fans are excited to see the return of the nanosuit-powered super-soldier Prophet in a new Crysis game.

In this article, we’ll break down everything we know so far about Crysis 4, including potential release dates, settings, trailer speculation, gameplay features, and more.

Background on the Crysis Series

Understanding the anticipation behind Crysis 4 helps to look back at the history and impact of the previous Crysis games.

Crysis 1

Released in 2007, the original Crysis was a landmark title in terms of technical achievements. Set on a fictional island, players controlled super-soldier Prophet and used his powerful nano suit to battle human and alien enemies in an open world. The game’s lush tropical setting and physics-based gameplay stood out at the time as major steps forward for the first-person shooter genre.

Crysis 2

Crysis 2 arrived in 2011, bringing the nanosuit combat to the urban jungle of New York City. After aliens have devastated the city, the Prophet must battle the invading force and human paramilitary groups to uncover the truth behind the invasion. This sequel leaned further into storytelling and cinematic moments while refining the signature Crysis gameplay formula.

Crysis 3

In 2013, Crysis 3 wrapped up Prophet’s story arc in an overgrown post-apocalyptic version of New York. This final chapter pitted the Prophet against the corrupt Cell corporation and their army of Ceph alien invaders. With its vivid overgrowth reclaiming the city, Crysis 3 delivered incredible visuals that took advantage of new hardware at the time, like DirectX 11 and high-end GPUs.

Announcement of Crysis 4

After years of inactivity for the series, EA and Crytek unexpectedly announced in January 2022 that Crysis 4 is in development. The announcement came via a teaser trailer entitled “Crysis 4”, confirming the sequel’s arrival. No projected release date or platforms were revealed.

Crysis 4 Gameplay

The trailer features views of an urban setting with glimpses of cell technology before unveiling the iconic Crysis nanosuit helmet. The tagline states, “Join the journey. Become the hero.” This suggests players will once again step into the super-powered nanosuit, likely continuing the story of Prophet.

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Potential Release Date Of Crysis 4

No firm release date for Crysis 4 has yet been set, as Crytek is still in development. But we can speculate on a possible launch window based on typical development timelines for an AAA shooter.

Development Timeline

The previous main Crysis games had 2-3 years of development cycles each. If Crysis 4 entered full production shortly after the January 2022 announcement, a late 2024 release aligns with that timeframe. However, some signs point to development starting much earlier.

Release Windows

It’s possible Crytek had Crysis 4 in the works well before the official reveal. If so, late 2023 could be a viable launch target. But 2024 seems more likely, given the large scope expected for this sequel. A late 2024 release would launch on the heels of next-gen consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. With the Crysis series known for pushing hardware, launching alongside mature next-gen consoles aligns with that legacy. Unless development progresses faster than expected, don’t anticipate playing Crysis 4 sooner than late 2023 at the absolute earliest.

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Crysis 4 Setting and Story Possibilities

Crytek has not yet revealed details on the setting or storyline for Crysis 4, but the teaser trailer provides clues on the direction the sequel could take.

Continuing Prophet’s Story

Having the tagline reference becoming the “hero” hints that Prophet will still factor into Crysis 4 as the protagonist. The nano suit shown also resembles the Prophet’s design versus the original Nomad suit. As Crysis 3 wrapped up Prophet’s narrative, Crysis 4 likely explores what’s next for him rather than retreading old ground.

Crysis 4 firing the enemy

A Prequel

While less likely, the urban environment shown in the teaser could indicate Crysis 4 goes back to tell a prequel story from before the events of Crysis 1. This would provide more freedom to introduce new characters rather than relying on series staples like Prophet. But after Crysis 3 seemingly closed the book on the Prophet, continuing his journey seems the more probable.

New Setting and Characters

A modern urban setting different from past games suggests Crysis 4 could feature a brand new location and cast. The prophet may return as a mentor figure guiding a new nanosuit wearer. This would allow Crytek to craft a fresh story while still bringing back fan-favorite Prophet in some capacity.

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Crysis 4 Gameplay and Features

Nanosuit Abilities

No matter the story direction, the iconic nanosuit will surely return with all its superhuman abilities. Expect to harness once again strength, speed, stealth, and armor abilities to overcome enemies and challenges. The nanosuit will likely gain intriguing new powers Tailored to the setting and storyline.

Open World Environment

Past Crysis games featured expansive open-world maps that encouraged creative solutions to objectives. Crytek will likely carry this sandbox approach forward into Crysis 4. The teaser shows a dense urban landscape, suggesting Crysis 4 may occur in a single sprawling city rather than an island.

Crysis 4 Weapons Sniping


As a traditionally PC-focused franchise, Crysis 4 will undoubtedly cater to high-end PC hardware. The DNA of the series is to be on the cutting edge of graphics, So Crysis 4 should push boundaries with ray tracing, high-resolution assets, and other flourishes only possible on newer GPUs.

 Next-Gen Graphics

With the computing power of PS5 and Xbox Series X, Crysis 4 has immense potential to set a new visual benchmark. Destructible environments, movie-CGI-quality assets, real-time reflections, and photorealistic characters could help Crysis 4 achieve a level of fidelity never before seen in games.

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Crysis 4 Trailers and Reveals

Here is the latest CRYSIS 4 Teaser that the company released.

The only look we’ve gotten at Crysis 4 is the brief January 2022 announcement teaser. While atmospheric, this cinematic clip provides little concrete detail on what’s to come.

Full Reveal at E3 2023?

It’s quite possible Crytek will pull back the curtain on Crysis 4 at a major gaming event like E3 2023. A full reveal trailer would likely confirm the setting, protagonist(s), platforms, release window, and gameplay features for the hotly anticipated sequel.

Multiplayer Speculation

Competitive Multiplayer

Traditionally, the Crysis franchise has only included competitive multiplayer in a secondary capacity alongside the story campaigns. But with multiplayer shooters now dominating the landscape, Crytek could make a big bet on PvP action in Crysis 4. Nanosuit powers provide many opportunities for unique character abilities tailored for class- or hero-based competitive modes.

 Cooperative Mode

A more likely route would be emphasizing cooperative play rather than direct head-to-head competition. The overpowered nanosuit lends itself perfectly to PvE survival or objective-based co-op versus human-controlled opponents. Teaming up to overcome challenging aliens and human enemies could appeal to those after a more tactical nanosuit experience.

Crysis 4 Weapons Crossbow

Unanswered Questions

Key details remain unknown at this stage since Crysis 4 is still early in development and largely shrouded in secrecy.


Crytek has yet to confirm what platforms Crysis 4 will launch on. Considering the visual ambitions of the series, a PC version seems guaranteed. Whether PS5 Xbox Series X|S are included could depend on Crytek’s ability to scale CryEngine up to modern consoles.

 PC Requirements

On PC, the recommendation and minimum specs needed to experience Crysis 4 will be intriguing to see. Ideally, Crytek targets high-end PCs yet accommodates budget GPUs without stripping away too many cutting-edge effects.

Closing Thoughts

It will likely be long before Crytek opens the floodgates on concrete details for Crysis 4. But the return of gaming’s leading nanosuit commando is definitely an exciting prospect. When Crysis 4 finally crystallizes, it could set new high watermarks for open-world shooter action powered by a cutting-edge next-generation presentation that melts GPUs. For now, fans eagerly await the day Prophet returns to dish out his special brand of high-tech destruction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will Crysis 4 be open-world like past games?

A: Details are still scarce, but an open-world design seems highly likely based on the Crysis pedigree. The brief glimpse of an urban setting suggests it could be a single sprawling city.

Q: What platforms will Crysis 4 be released on?

A: Crytek has not confirmed platforms yet. But a launch on PC seems guaranteed, given the technical ambitions of the series. Release on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S may depend on the game’s scope.

Q: How will the story continue after Crysis 3?

A: The teaser hints that the Prophet will return as the protagonist. Crysis 4 may explore what’s next for him after the events of Crysis 3 rather than treading familiar ground. A prequel story also remains possible.

Q: Could Crysis 4 have cooperative multiplayer?

A: Crysis 4 may feature co-op modes alongside or instead of competitive PvP. Teaming up in nano suits to battle aliens or human enemies would provide a fresh tactical flavor.

Q: What kind of PC hardware will be required to run Crysis 4?

A: Specific system requirements are unknown now. But high-end modern GPUs will likely be recommended to experience all cutting-edge effects and visuals based on the past legacy of the Crysis series pushing hardware.


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