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Overlord Season 5: Everything We Know So Far

Overlord Season 5

Overlord is a popular anime based on a Japanese light novel series written by Kugane Maruyama and illustrated by So-bin in 4 seasons. Now people are looking forward to Overlord season 5. The series tells the story of a normal man named Momonga who gets trapped inside a VRMMORPG game called Yggdrasil as his in-game character, a powerful skeletal mage, and overlord named Ainz Ooal Gown.

After the game servers shut down, Momonga discovers that the fantasy world of Yggdrasil has become his new reality, along with all its magic, monsters, and NPCs. With his vast powers and army of loyal servants, Ainz begins to explore the new world he finds himself in while searching for other players who may have been trapped there.

This premiered as a TV anime series in 2015 and has since enjoyed three more seasons. The dark fantasy adventure has garnered a dedicated fanbase awaiting more seasons.

Summary of Previous Seasons

Season 1

In the first season, it introduced viewers to the world of Overlord and its main characters. It showed how Momonga reluctantly took on the role of Ainz Ooal Gown, an undead skeleton mage, after becoming trapped in the game world.

We saw Ainz flex his powers, like when he massacred a group of invaders targeting the Great Tomb of Nazarick. During the season, he also established characters like Albedo, Shalltear, and the rest of the guardians who aided Ainz in managing Nazarick and exploring the New World.

Season 2

In season 2, Ainz continues masquerading as a powerful sorcerer rather than revealing his origins as a normal human from another world. He establishes an adventuring group called Darkness to serve as a cover while he learns more about the world and looks for other players.

We are introduced to lizardmen tribes nearly wiped out by Cocytus before being brought under Nazarick’s rule. Ainz also rescues a dwarf runesmith and battles a powerful martial arts tournament champion, further cementing his growing reputation as an undefeatable magician.

Overview of Overlord

Season 3

This season, Ainz enacted an elaborate plan to become a national hero by defeating a re-emerged demon king. However, things spiral out of his control when fellow Nazarick NPC Demiurge misinterprets Ainz’s intentions.

Demiurge proceeds to hypnotize and massacre thousands of soldiers from the Roble Holy Kingdom when Ainz only meant to save them. Ainz is forced to roll with it to maintain his façade of an all-knowing ruler.

Season 4

In season 4, Ainz heads to the Theocracy, a human nation wary of undead beings. He works undercover while having one of his subordinates pose as him to draw out the Theocracy’s secrets and true strength.

We also got more backstory on the Pleiades battle maids and Sebas Tian. The season ended with Ainz obtaining a mysterious cube that can seal off Nazarick from the rest of the world.

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Potential Storylines for Season 5

Based on the light novel source material, the anime could take several interesting directions in the fifth season.

Continuing Ainz’s Adventures

Season 5 will likely show more of Ainz interacting with the New World as an undead magic caster. With his name becoming widely known, he may take bolder actions and search for information about other players. We could see Ainz visit new cities and areas not yet explored.

Exploring New Worlds

The season may reveal more about the New World setting and its connections to YGGDRASIL. There may be other dimensions or realms beyond what Ainz has uncovered. This opens up many possibilities for new storylines and adventures.

Developing Side Characters

The plethora of NPCs and lesser characters could get more backstory and development. Characters like Neia Baraja and her squire relationship with Ainz were fan favorites, so Side characters could play bigger roles moving forward.

New Threats and Villains

While extremely powerful, Ainz isn’t completely invincible. New threats like the greedy kings or enemy players from YGGDRASIL arriving in the world could challenge Nazarick. Strong New World beings may also appear to test Ainz’s limits.

New Threats and Villains

When Will Overlord Season 5 Release?

While popular, Overlord has seen inconsistent gaps between seasons ranging from 1-4 years. Fans are eager for any news about when season 5 will finally air.

Production Status

As of late 2022, a fifth season has neither been officially confirmed nor denied. The Overlord light novels and manga are ongoing, so there is plenty of source material for more seasons.

Some reports indicate that production company Madhouse is working on the 5th season, but no release date has been announced. The creators may be waiting on enough new content from the books.

Expected Release Window

If Overlord Season 5 follows the timeframe of previous seasons, fans may realistically have to wait until late 2023 or 2024 before its release.

However, an early to mid-2023 premiere can’t be ruled out either. The start date will depend on the production schedule and when anime studios are available.

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What to Expect in Overlord Season 5

When it finally drops, Overlord Season 5 will likely build on the cliffhanger from Season 4 and satiate fans’ hunger for more content.

Better Animation and Production Value

With Overlord’s popularity, the fifth season will hopefully get a sizeable budget and resources dedicated to top-notch animation and effects. Smooth action sequences, detailed magic spells, and vibrant fantasy worldscapes could be realized.

More Epic Battle Scenes

Fans love it for its awe-inspiring battles featuring undead legions, magical beasts, and warrior heroes. Bigger confrontations and strategic wars on a grand scale would be welcomed in Season 5.

Deeper Character Development

The anime may devote more time to fleshing out the backstories of popular characters like Sebas, Demiurge, and Cocytus and explore their personalities. Momonga coming to terms with his new overlord role could also be expanded upon.

Deeper Character Development

New World Exploration

With the fake Ainz gaining fame, Season 5 can showcase more New World cultures, creatures, and locations. We may encounter exotic environments and mystical characters; the overlord seeks knowledge and artifacts.

Surprising Twists and Turns

Not everything may go according to Ainz and Nazarick’s plans. Unexpected threats arising and shocking betrayals could surprise viewers. New story arcs diverging from the novels are also possible.

Why Fans Are Excited for Season 5

There are several key reasons why enthusiasts eagerly anticipate another season after the long wait.

Loyal Fanbase

Overlord has cultivated a dedicated fanbase that has stuck with the show through its erratic release schedule. They continue showing their love through fan art, discussions, and thirst for new content years later.

Source Material

The light novels provide plenty of raw material to adapt to future seasons. With over 15 volumes, the anime has only covered about half of the story.

Unique Story and Characters

This series stands out with its morally ambiguous undead protagonist and distinctive NPC characters like Albedo and Demiurge. The show subverts common fantasy tropes in fresh ways.

Gripping Action and Adventure

Viewers are drawn to the enthralling world and epic fight scenes involving magic, legendary beasts, and mystical powers. There is still much to explore in this fantasy realm.

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Overlord Continues to Thrill Fans

Overlord has been a favorite among fantasy anime fans since its first season. Each season has expanded the enthralling world and characters introduced in season 1, leading to an invested fanbase.

Hopes are High for Season 5

Despite no official confirmation, devotees are optimistic that a fifth season will eventually arrive based on the novels’ expansive lore and storylines. When the show finally returns after its long hiatus, fans will surely be glued to their screens to immerse themselves in the land of Nazarick once again.


Q: How many light novel volumes does Overlord have?

A: As of 2023, Overlord has published over 16 light novel volumes. The anime has adapted content from about the first 9 volumes so far.

Q: Who are the most powerful characters?

A: Ainz Ooal Gown and his guardians are considered the strongest, with Shalltear and Albedo a step below Ainz. Others like Guren Nash and Zesshi Zetsumei are also quite formidable.

Q: Will popular Overlord game features appear in Season 5?

A: We may see more magical items, special skills, monsters, and areas influenced directly by YGGDRASIL mechanics introduced in future seasons.

Q: What studio produces this anime series?

A: It is animated by the Japanese studio Madhouse, known for titles like Death Note, No Game No Life, and One Punch Man.

Q: How does the anime compare to Overlord’s original light novels?

A: The anime stays relatively faithful to the novels regarding story events and characters. Some minor details and side stories have been skipped or changed.


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