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Animal Kingdom Season 7: Everything We Know So Far

Animal kingdom season 7

The TNT crime drama Animal Kingdom has become a fan favorite over its first six seasons, known for its complex characters, family dynamics, and gritty storylines. As the show heads into its seventh and final season, fans are eager to see how this addictive series wraps up.

With many pivotal questions left unanswered, Animal Kingdom Season 7 is set to be an intense, emotional ride for the Cody family.

Background on Animal Kingdom

Premise and Main Characters

Animal Kingdom follows Southern California’s wealthy and dangerous Cody crime family, led by matriarch Janine “Smurf” Cody. After Smurf’s grandson J joins the family following his mother’s death, he gets initiated into their life of burglaries, heists, and more.

The main cast includes Shawn Hatosy as Andrew “Pope” Cody, Ben Robson as Craig Cody, Jake Weary as Deran Cody, Finn Cole as Joshua “J” Cody, and Ellen Barkin as Smurf.

Premise and Main Characters

Previous Seasons Summary

Over the first six seasons, the show focused on Smurf’s iron-fisted rule over her sons Pope, Craig, and Deran as they carried out her criminal jobs. Major events included Pope accidentally killing Catherine Blackwell, J’s growing involvement in the family business, Smurf grooming J to take over as leader, and the escalating conflict between Smurf and Pope. Smurf was eventually killed by J in the Season 5 finale.

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Details on Season 7

Release Date

TNT has not yet announced an official Animal Kingdom Season 7 release date. However, previous seasons have premiered in May or June, so fans can likely expect the final season in Summer 2024.


Most of the main cast is expected to return, including Shawn Hatosy, Ben Robson, Jake Weary, and Finn Cole. Ellen Barkin will likely only appear in flashbacks as Smurf. There’s potential for Rigo Sanchez as Manny to return after being exiled by J. New recurring or guest stars may join as antagonists.

Potential Storylines

Smurf’s Will Aftermath

The fallout from Smurf leaving her assets solely to Pope in her will could create a major conflict between Pope and J. There could be legal battles over the money and property, driving the cousins apart.

J’s Leadership

With Smurf gone, J now has sole control over the family. But being in charge may prove more difficult than he imagined, leading to clashes with Pope, Deran, and Craig. J will struggle to keep them in line.

New Rivalries and Enemies

With a power vacuum in the Oceanside crime world after Smurf’s death, new rival gangs and drug dealers may try to seize territory from the Codys. This could start a dangerous new underworld war.

New Rivalries and Enemies

Romantic Relationships

Deran’s tumultuous romance with Adrian will likely continue to develop. Pope may pursue a new relationship after his fling with Amy ended badly. J could also face complications in his nascent romance with Penny.

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Fan Hopes for Season 7

Satisfying Conclusion to the Story

Fans are hoping all major story arcs will wrap up in a meaningful way. Ideally, the ending will provide an emotional and conclusive resolution for the main characters and their journeys.

Answers to Lingering Questions

Many mysteries remain about unresolved issues like Catherine’s death, Julia’s overdose, Baz’s disappearance, and Lucy’s paternity. Fans want answers before the show ends.

Character Fates

With danger around every corner, fans wonder who will make it alive by the end. Will any Codys end up dead or in prison? Will Deran, Craig, and Pope stay loyal to J?


Excitement Builds for Final Season

After six intense seasons, Animal Kingdom fans are hyped to see the codys’ stories end. With showrunner Jonathan Lisco promising a devastating conclusion, the stage is set for the most explosive and emotional season yet.

Where to Watch

When it premieres, Animal Kingdom Season 7 will air on TNT. Previous seasons are available on streaming platforms like Hulu.

Impact and Legacy of Animal Kingdom

Known for complex characters and relationships, the show has connected with fans through its portrait of a twisted family dynamic. Its legacy will likely be its nuanced performances and deep exploration of the bonds between the Codys.

Impact and Legacy of Animal Kingdom


Who is returning for Season 7?

Finn Cole (J), Shawn Hatosy (Pope), Ben Robson (Craig), and Jake Weary (Deran) are all expected to return as series regulars. Ellen Barkin may appear as Smurf in flashbacks.

How many episodes will there be?

TNT has not confirmed the episode count, but previous seasons have ranged from 10 to 13. Fans can likely expect 10-13 episodes for the final season.

Will there be a spinoff?

No spinoff has been announced yet. But the show’s popularity could lead to an offshoot focused on a side character or set in the same universe.

When will filming begin?

Filming will likely begin in early 2024. Previous seasons began shooting between February and April before summer premieres.

Has Season 7 been confirmed as the final season?

TNT stated that Season 7 of Animal Kingdom will be the final season. The story will come to an end after the upcoming episodes conclude.

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