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Is IGI 3 Coming? Everything We Know So Far

IGI 3 Origins

The IGI series has cultivated a strong following of fans ever since the first game – Project IGI: I’m Going In – launched in 2000. Developed by Innerloop Studios, the tactical first-person shooter thrilled players with its emphasis on stealth gameplay and open-ended missions. IGI 2: Covert Strike built on that foundation in 2003, sending protagonist David Jones on assignments across many international locations. After years of anticipation, it seems Project IGI 3 is finally nearing release.

Details on Project IGI 3: Origins

While concrete details are still scarce, we do know a few key points about Project IGI 3: Origins. As the name implies, Origins will serve as a prequel to the events of the first two games. The setting has been confirmed to be the 1960s, during the height of the Cold War. This earlier time period will allow the developers to showcase retro weapons and technology that should be a treat for long-time fans.

Stealth Mechanics

Of course, one of the hallmarks of the IGI games has always been the emphasis on stealth over run-and-gun action. Players are encouraged to sneak through enemy compounds, avoiding or silently eliminating guards. Information is key, and going in guns blazing is a quick way to get killed. Project IGI 3 will expand the stealth options, giving players more ways to approach missions creatively.

Gadgets and Weapons

With its 60s setting, IGI 3 will feature classic espionage gadgets and era-appropriate weapons like revolvers, bolt-action rifles, and submachine guns. The developers have teased advanced spy tech like drones and hacking abilities, but these will likely be used sparingly to fit the time period. Fans of the earlier IGI games will enjoy seeing predecessors to the familiar pistols and assault rifles, too.

AI and Enemy Types

Enemy AI is said to be significantly improved in Project IGI 3. Guards will work together more intelligently, calling for backup and coordinating responses. Stealthy players will have their work cut out for them. Different enemy types will suit different playstyles as well. Aggressive enemies may be easily fooled or isolated, while tactical ones will prove to be lethal adversaries.

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Trailer and Announcements

So far, only one official trailer has been released for Project IGI 3. It shows off the Cold War setting and some of the retro tech that will be central to the prequel. A teaser website has also been launched by the developers at Antimatter Games, showing only silhouettes of characters and the series’ iconic “IGI” abbreviation against a stark black background.

An official announcement seems imminent, likely coming at a major gaming expo in 2023. This would align with rumors of a late 2023 release date. You can watch the trailer here.


Release Date and Platforms

The most recent leaks and insider reports agree that Project IGI 3: Origins will launch in late 2023, anywhere from October to December. As for platforms, the game is confirmed to be coming to PC, with next-gen console releases for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S also planned. The developers want to take full advantage of current hardware, which wasn’t possible when the earlier IGI games were released 20 years ago.

What Fans Can Expect from IGI 3

Story and Campaign

Narrative details are still unknown, but the 1960s setting opens up intriguing possibilities. Players may participate in key events from the Cold War era as the campaign takes them worldwide. The protagonist’s backstory and motivations are a mystery, but they’ll likely connect somehow to David Jones from the first two games. Long-time fans should enjoy the prequel perspective on the IGI universe.

Multiplayer Modes

Previous Project IGI games included limited multiplayer offerings, but IGI 3 wants to deliver on that front fully. Competitive modes will allow players to test their stealth skills against others. Co-op is also said to be in development. Teaming up with a friend for stealthy tandem takedowns sounds like a blast. These multiplayer options should significantly expand the game’s replay value.

IGI 3 Gameplay

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Developer Insights and Plans

Commitment to Realism

In an interview, the developers emphasized their commitment to realism in Project IGI 3’s gameplay and aesthetics. They’ve prioritized accurate recreations of weapons, gadgets, and locations over flashier graphics. Real-world physics also plays a larger role. This fidelity helps immersion and serves the tactical gameplay.

Focus on Strategy and Freedom

IGI 3 aims to provide players with more strategic options and the freedom to improvise creatively. Levels are designed as sandboxes with emergent opportunities to manipulate guards and the environment. While there is often an optimal stealthy approach, brute force and improvisation are also viable. This flexibility should give missions much more replayability.

The Future of the IGI Franchise

Project IGI 3: Origins is intended to reinvigorate the beloved franchise after years of dormancy. If successful, the developers are eager to produce sequels that could return to the modern day or explore other historical eras ripe for covert operations. DLC missions will also expand on IGI 3’s core content after launch. Clearly, the future looks bright for the IGI series’ stealth-action gameplay.

IGI 3 helicopter landing


After over 15 years without a new entry, Project IGI 3: Origins is set to release in late 2023. The tactical stealth shooter appears poised to deliver an exciting origin story for the franchise while preserving what fans loved about the original games. With its Cold War setting, retro tech expanded multiplayer, and wealth of strategic options, IGI 3 could very well mark a thrilling return to form when it launches on PC and next-gen consoles. Veterans and newcomers alike have much to look forward to.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the release date for Project IGI 3?

A: No exact date has been confirmed, but leaks point to a launch window of late 2023, likely between October and December.

Q: What platforms will Project IGI 3 be available on?

A: IGI 3 is confirmed for PC and planned to launch on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Q: Will Project IGI 3 have multiplayer?

A: Yes, competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes have been announced for IGI 3.

Q: How will Project IGI 3 connect to previous IGI games?

A: As a prequel, IGI 3 will be set in the 1960s and feature retro versions of weapons and tech from the first two games.

Q: What gameplay improvements are coming in Project IGI 3?

A: Enhanced enemy AI, more open levels, emergent stealth opportunities, and overall increased strategic freedom for players.


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