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Is Quake 5 Coming? Everything We Know So Far

Quake 5

The Quake series is one of the most iconic and influential first-person shooter franchises in video game history. The original Quake, first released in 1996, revolutionized the PC’s 3D graphics and multiplayer gaming. Since then, there have been several popular sequels and spin-offs over the past two decades.

Lately, excitement has been building within the gaming community about the possible development of a brand-new entry in the series titled Quake 5. While no official announcements have been made yet, various rumors and reports suggest that a new Quake could be in the works.

A Brief History of the Quake Series

To understand the hype around a potential Quake 5, let’s quickly recap the history of this groundbreaking FPS franchise.

Quake 1

The first Quake game was developed by id Software and released in 1996 for PC. It featured cutting-edge 3D visuals powered by a custom engine, online multiplayer deathmatches, and an atmospheric single-player campaign influenced by H.P. Lovecraft. Quake became a massive hit and helped pioneer the transition of FPS games from 2D to fully 3D environments.

Quake 2

Quake 2 arrived in 1997 and focused more on science fiction themes rather than horror. It used a heavily upgraded graphics engine and introduced outdoor environments. While not as seminal as the first game, Quake 2 expanded on the online multiplayer experience and was also a hit.

Quake 3

With Quake 3 in 1999, ID Software took a different approach, foregoing a traditional single-player mode and focusing purely on online competitive multiplayer matches. It became a popular early e-sport.

Quake 4

The 2005 title Quake 4 continued the main series’ storyline as a space marine battling an alien invasion. It featured squad combat gameplay similar to other shooters at the time.

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Quake Enemy

Rumors About the Possibility of Quake 5

While id Software and publisher Bethesda have not made any official statements about a Quake 5, various rumors have emerged regarding what a new entry in the classic FPS franchise could entail:

Possible Release Date

Some speculation suggests that Quake 5 may be announced in 2023 and released in late 2023 or 2024. This timing would match the gaps between previous mainline Quake games. However, this is purely conjecture based on historic timing.

Possible Platforms

If a new Quake is developed, it would likely launch for current-generation consoles like PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, like most major releases these days. Some rumors indicate potential mobile ports as well.

Possible Story and Setting

At this point, plot details are essentially non-existent. Over the years, the series has alternated between Lovecraftian horror, sci-fi, and militaristic themes. A return to the creepy atmosphere of the first Quake would excite certain fans.

Possible Gameplay Features

Gameplay would assuredly stick to Quake’s iconic, fast-paced FPS roots. Rumors have pointed to a potential battle royale or hero shooter mode being considered to align with current gaming trends. A big single-player campaign seems likely, too, based on modern expectations.

Overall, details on what Quake 5 could shape up to be remain firmly in the rumor mill for now. But the potential alone is enough to spark curiosity and speculation among shooter fans.

The most recent Quake Trailer on YouTube

You can watch the most recent Quake Trailer here.

Official News and Announcements So Far

While Bethesda and id Software remain quiet about Quake 5 specifically, there have been a few official updates over the past couple of years that suggest something Quake-related could be cooking behind the scenes:

Statements from id Software

In recent interviews, studio representatives have coyly hinted that they have projects in the pipeline that could excite Quake fans. Nothing has been shown or confirmed, though.

Trademark Filings

In 2019, ZeniMax Media, the parent company of developer id Software, filed new trademarks for the Quake name and logo. This made speculation that a new game announcement wasn’t far off, but nothing has materialized.

Job Listings

Id Software’s career site has occasionally listed openings for secret unannounced projects. Some sleuths assume these could be related to a potential Quake sequel, but there are no details.

While concrete info remains scarce, these tidbits indicate that a new Quake project is at least possible going forward. Whether it is a full-fledged Quake 5 or something else entirely remains unconfirmed.

Quake fight

What Fans Want to See in a Potential Quake 5

While story and gameplay details are purely speculative at this stage, Quake fans have plenty of ideas regarding what they would want from a hypothetical Quake 5:

Improved Graphics and Visuals

Given how groundbreaking the original was, the visuals and graphics technology showcasing the next evolution of Quake are a big point of anticipation. Ray tracing, advanced physics, destructible environments, and photorealistic visuals are desired.

Innovative Weapons and Abilities

New weapons, gear, gadgets, and player abilities could really shake up the canonical Quake combat formula. Things like upgradeable weapons, exotic alt-fires, tactical equipment, and movement abilities like vaulting or sliding would offer new dynamics to master.

Thrilling Single-Player Campaign

Elaborate solo campaigns have become a staple of modern FPS franchises. Players hope a potential Quake 5 could feature a lengthy, diverse, and intensely cinematic plot-driven adventure that lives up to current standards.

Robust Multiplayer Options

Quake basically invented competitive online FPS action, so a new entry would have to include all today’s expected multiplayer bells and whistles: ranked matchmaking, custom games, co-op modes, tournaments, and support for esports.

Of course, this is all just fans’ speculative wishful thinking. Only time will tell if Quake 5 becomes a reality and if it can live up to these lofty expectations whenever it arrives.

The Future of the Quake Franchise

Looking ahead, there are a few factors that will determine the future direction of the Quake series:

Competition from Other Shooters

The FPS genre is more crowded than ever these days with juggernaut franchises like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo, and Destiny. Quake will need to prove it can still compete.

Maintaining Relevance and Popularity

Quake must remain relevant to attract new fans and offer something distinct from other modern shooters. It cannot rely solely on nostalgia.

Expanding to New Platforms and Audiences

Pushing the series onto mobile and/or making it free-to-play could be risky, but it helps open Quake to new audiences.

If id Software plays its cards right, Quake still has room to thrive now and into the future. The potential exists if they commit to making a Quake 5 living up to its heritage and contemporary expectations.


For now, Quake devotees will have to continue playing the waiting game regarding any potential Quake 5 announcement and release. Until official details emerge straight from the developers rather than rumors, the future of this iconic shooter series remains one big question mark.

Yet the enduring passion of the Quake community proves there is still untapped potential for a truly groundbreaking sequel. If done right, Quake 5 could shake up the modern gaming landscape. It’s simply a matter of id Software being willing to take up the challenge of reviving this powerhouse FPS franchise by giving fans the true next-gen Quake experience they crave.

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Is Quake 5 confirmed to be in development?

Id Software and Bethesda have not officially confirmed that Quake 5 is currently in active development. All current rumors about a new Quake game remain speculative.

When will Quake 5 be announced and released?

There is no official timeline. Rumors estimate a potential announcement in 2023 and release in late 2023 or 2024, but nothing is set in stone yet.

What platforms would Quake 5 release for?

Current speculation expects it would come to PC plus PlayStation, Xbox, and possibly Nintendo consoles if Quake 5 happens. Mobile versions are also rumored.

What kind of gameplay would Quake 5 have?

Specifics are unknown, but fast-paced classic Quake FPS action would be expected. Rumors also point to a campaign and the latest multiplayer features.

Will Quake 5 feature the original Quake’s Lovecraftian horror theme?

It’s unconfirmed if Quake 5 would return to the original’s themes or continue with more sci-fi-oriented settings like recent games. Fans hope for a comeback of the creepy Lovecraftian elements.


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