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Tom Clancy’s The Division 3: Everything We Know So Far

Featured Image of the division 3 release date
Featured Image of the division 3 release date

The Division franchise has recently become one of Ubisoft’s most popular new IPs. The Division 1 and 2 delivered innovative online open-world RPG shooter experiences set in a dystopian version of New York City ravaged by a pandemic. Fans have begun speculating on when The Division 3 could release and what setting, features, and story it might include.

While Ubisoft has confirmed a third Division game, there are compelling reasons why The Division 3 makes sense for the publisher. In this article, we’ll break down everything we know so far about The Division 3’s potential release date, rumors, news, and more.

The Division Franchise Background

To understand the possibilities for a third-division game, it helps to examine the franchise’s background so far.

The Division 1

The Division was released in 2016 as Ubisoft’s take on a shared-world shooter RPG. Set in a snowy, pandemic-stricken Manhattan, players took on the role of agents with The Division tasked with stabilizing the city. The Division 1 was praised for its atmospheric open world, RPG progression, and loot mechanics, though criticized for narrative and mission design.

The Division 2

The Division 2 launched in 2019, improving on many of the gameplay foundations of the first game. This time, set in a ravaged Washington D.C., Division 2 offered deeper RPG systems, much more content, and an expanded endgame. While well-received overall, Division 2 did not seem to capture the same level of buzz and longevity as the first game.

Division 3 Release Date
Division 3 Release Date

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The Division 3 Possibility

The critical and commercial success of the first two Division games makes Division 3 a very plausible next project for Ubisoft Massive and Ubisoft overall.

Ubisoft Has Confirmed Tom Clancy Division 3

First, it’s important to note that Ubisoft has officially confirmed that The Division 3 is in active development. Ubisoft Massive has supported The Division 2 for over 3 years with expansions, seasons, and major title updates. 

Reasons Why The Division 3 is coming

There are several good reasons why Ubisoft may decide to greenlight The Division 3 in the future:

  • The Division is one of Ubisoft’s most successful new franchises, not named Assassin’s Creed. It has sold many millions of copies.
  • RPG loot shooters remain very popular, evidenced by Destiny 2’s success. The Division fills a niche.
  • The Division has room to expand to new cities and urban environments.
  • Next-gen consoles allow for major gameplay and technical improvements.
  • Ubisoft could further refine and evolve The Division’s gameplay formula.

The Division 3 Trailer

Tom Clancy’s The Division 3 official trailer has not yet been released; you can watch The Division 2 Trailer here.

The Division 3 Release Date Speculation

If Ubisoft does decide to move forward with The Division 3, when could the sequel possibly be released? We can make educated guesses based on the previous games and typical Ubisoft release models.

Typical Ubisoft Sequel Release Cadence

Looking at Ubisoft’s major franchises, they tend to space out sequels 3-4 years apart:

  • Assassin’s Creed: ~2 years
  • Far Cry: ~3 years
  • Watch Dogs: ~3 years
  • Ghost Recon: ~3-4 years

Division 1 was released in 2016, and Division 2 was released 3 years later in 2019. Following that cadence, Division 3 could target 2022 as the next entry. However…

The Division 2 Post-Launch Support

Ubisoft Massive has supported The Division 2 with major updates through 2022. It would feel too quick for Ubisoft to announce The Division 3 before winding down that support. A 2023-2024 release seems more realistic based on that ongoing support extending The Division 2 lifespan.

Next-Gen Consoles

The Division launched as an Xbox One/PS4 title, with The Division 2 coming at the end of that console generation. Ubisoft may want more time for Xbox Series X/S and PS5 to grow their install bases before targeting The Division 3 as a true next-gen title. That may point to 2024 or later.

Overall, speculation puts The Division 3 release date between late 2023 and 2024, assuming Ubisoft wants approximately 3-4 years between the last major The Division 2 updates and the next full sequel. However, Ubisoft could always surprise and deliver a sequel earlier or later than expected.

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The Division 3 Setting Rumors

The urban open worlds have been a hallmark of The Division franchise. Where could Division 3 take place? Let’s examine some of the rumors and speculation around possible Division 3 locations:

The Division 3 Setting Rumors
The Division 3 Setting Rumors

Potential Locations

  • Los Angeles: A sprawling metro with diverse neighborhoods could make a compelling western setting.
  • Las Vegas: The neon lights of the strip, combined with vast desert areas, offer a unique backdrop.
  • Chicago: Like NYC and DC, Chicago provides a recognizable US city environment.
  • Philadelphia: Philadelphia has history while also feeling fresh for the franchise.
  • New Orleans: New Orleans’ French Quarter and surrounding swamplands could be an intriguing location.
  • Mexico City: As an international location, Mexico City would provide a unique vibe and architecture.

For now, settings remain pure speculation. Ubisoft could even retain Washington D.C. as a shared hub and introduce expeditions to parts of new cities. The possibilities are wide open for where Division agents could be deployed next.

The Division 3 Gameplay Features & Changes

Beyond just setting, Ubisoft would likely deliver a round of significant gameplay evolutions, content additions, and technical enhancements with The Division 3.

Gameplay Improvements

  • Revamped RPG systems and progression
  • New signature skills or abilities
  • Overhauled PvP/multiplayer experiences
  • Crafting/looting upgrades
  • Dynamic world events and enemy encounters

New Content, Modes, etc.

  • Story campaign spanning many hours
  • Expanded endgame activities and challenges
  • New PvE content like raids
  • Next-gen only features like machine learning AI
  • Cross-platform features

Ubisoft would have a big opportunity with The Division 3 to take everything they’ve learned and push the franchise to new heights.

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Story/Plot Rumors

Without any official word from Ubisoft, details on Division 3’s potential story and plot points remain purely speculative. The Division 1 and 2 did not directly continue storylines, so a direct sequel is not guaranteed. We could see a prequel exploring the early days of the pandemic and Division origins. Or possibly new stories and characters in the same universe.

The storytelling and worldbuilding are opportunities for improvement in a third game. The Division has intriguing lore set up through collectibles and environments. Lean into that more with a strong narrative hook centered around the player’s agent.

For now, we can only imagine what twists and turns the next chapter of The Division could take.

Plot Rumors


The Division 3 has been confirmed but represents an exciting possibility for Ubisoft to deliver a true next-gen follow-up to their looter shooter franchise. Rumors point to a 2023 or 2024 release window that would give The Division 2 time to breathe while allowing the next entry to take full advantage of new consoles and technology.

Where could agents be deployed next? How will the gameplay evolve? Can Ubisoft craft a compelling narrative? The potential is there for The Division 3 to learn from the previous games’ successes and missteps, elevating the franchise to new heights.

For now, it remains a waiting game to see if and when Ubisoft decides the time is right to announce The Division 3. But with the right creative vision and execution, a third game could fulfill the series’ promise and stand tall among the elite RPG shooters.

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Q: Is The Division 3 confirmed?

A: Yes, Ubisoft has officially confirmed a third Division game yet.

Q: What will The Division 3’s release date be?

A: There is no set release date, but speculation puts it around 2023-2024 based on typical Ubisoft sequel timing.

Q: Will The Division 3 have a new setting?

A: Most likely, yes, with cities like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Chicago rumored as potential locations.

Q: Will The Division 3 be next-gen only?

A: This is unconfirmed but likely given the times of its speculated release window.

Q: What new features will The Division 3 have?

A: Potentially revamped RPG systems, new PvP modes, expanded content, next-gen exclusive features, and more.


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