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The Irregular at Magic High School Season 3: All We Know

The Irregular At Magic High School Season 3

The Irregular at Magic High School is a popular Japanese light novel series written by Tsutomu Sato. It has been adapted into a manga series and an anime television series. The story is set in an alternate history where magic exists and is polished through technology and innovation. It follows siblings Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba, who enroll at Magic High School.

The anime series is produced by Madhouse and directed by Manabu Ono. Season 1 aired in 2014 and covered volumes 1-4 of the light novels. Season 2, titled The Irregular at Magic High School: Visitor Arc, aired in 2020 and covered volumes 5-7 of the light novels. Now, we are looking for season 3.

Season 1 and 2 Recap

Main Characters

The main characters in The Irregular at Magic High School are:

  • Tatsuya Shiba is a highly skilled but underachieving older brother who excels in practical magic use. He enrolls as a Course 2 student.
  • Miyuki Shiba is Tatsuya’s younger sister who excels at academics and is a powerful magician. She enrolled as a Course 1 student.
  • Leo Saijo is a top student viewed as one of Japan’s best magicians. He sees Tatsuya as a rival.
  • Erika Chiba is Miyuki’s closest friend at school. She is a descendant of a ninja clan.
  • Mikihiko Yoshida is Erika and Tatsuya’s friend who excels in written magic.
Overview of The Irregular at Magic High School

Key Events

Some key events that occurred include:

  • Tatsuya stops a terrorist plot by the group Blanche to sabotage the Nine Schools Competition.
  • Miyuki won the Nine Schools Competition, establishing herself as one of the top magicians in the first course.
  • Political tensions escalate between the 10 Master Clans and the rest of the magic community.
  • Tatsuya creates the “Loop Cast System,” a magic spell that enhances strategic magical abilities.
  • A new student council president shakes things up at the high school.

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What We Know About Season 3 So Far

Potential Release Date

The Irregular at Magic High School Season 3 likely won’t be released until 2024 at the earliest. The production company Madhouse has not officially confirmed a release date.

New Characters

Two new characters expected to be introduced in Season 3 are:

  • Kyouko Fujibayashi is a first-year student who is part of the disciplinary committee. She is curious about Tatsuya’s skills.
  • Akechi Mibu is a mysterious second-year transfer student who excels in close-quarter combat (CQC) magic.

Expected Storylines

Season 3 will likely cover story arcs focused on:

  • Tatsuya is entering his second year, and Miyuki is in her first year.
  • More foreign magicians are enrolling at Magic High School.
  • Tatsuya is investigating a series of murders related to illegal genetic modification experiments.
  • Political tensions escalated between the 10 Master Clans and rebellious factions.
  • Possible focus on the Yotsuba Clan, to which Tatsuya and Miyuki belong.

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What Fans Hope to See in Season 3

More Character Development

Fans hope to see deeper character development in Season 3, especially for supporting characters like Leo, Erika, Mikihiko, and Honoka. Viewers want to learn more about their backstories, motivations, and growth as magicians.

More Character Development

New Magical Abilities

The anime is known for exciting displays of unique magical abilities. Fans speculate what new types of magic Tatsuya and others will unveil next season during high-stakes competitions and fights.

Relationships Between Characters

Many fans enjoy the romantic teases between Tatsuya/Miyuki and Honoka/Tatsuya. Viewers hope Season 3 explores these relationships further and possibly features a wedding between the two main characters.

Popularity and Impact of the Franchise

Light Novel and Manga Sales

The Irregular at Magic High School light novels and manga have sold millions of copies. The light novels have sold over 22 million copies.

Critical Reception

The franchise has received praise for its unique magic technology system and focus on political conflicts. Some criticize the pacing and dense terminology.

Fan Base

It has a dedicated fan base in Asia and internationally. Fans are drawn to the interesting world, stellar animation, and captivating characters.

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The Future of The Irregular at Magic High School

Beyond Season 3

If Season 3 continues the franchise’s popularity, more seasons will likely be produced to cover the existing light novel arcs. Spin-off sequel series are also a possibility.

Beyond Season 3
The Irregular at Magic High School Character

Spin-Off Potential

The unique magic technology system provides many possibilities for spin-off stories focused on other characters, factions, or parts of the world. Prequel series are also an option.


The Irregular at Magic High School has built an immersive world with memorable characters through its light novels, manga, and anime. Season 3 has the potential to expand the mythology further while delivering more exciting conflicts and stunning magical action. The franchise will likely continue growing its fanbase worldwide with future anime seasons, spin-offs, and related media as long as the quality remains consistent.


Q: How many light novel volumes does The Irregular at Magic High School have?

A: As of December 2023, 33 light novel volumes have been published, providing plenty of source material for future anime seasons.

Q: Is The Irregular at Magic High School getting a live-action adaptation?

A: Yes, a live-action TV drama adaptation was announced in 2021. It does not currently have a release date.

Q: How is magic handled in The Irregular at Magic High School’s setting?

A: Magic is ingrained into their modern, technologically advanced society. Magic skills are genetically inherited and can be enhanced through technology like CADs that assist with casting.

Q: Why is Tatsuya known as “The Irregular”?

A: Despite his incredible talents, he officially enrolled as a Course 2 student while his sister enrolled as a Course 1 student based on their skills in different magic types.

Q: Who are the antagonists in The Irregular at Magic High School?

A: The antagonists include rebel factions like Blanche, the 10 Master Clans, illegal magicians, and genetically modified magician experiments known as “Irregulars.”

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