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The Promised Neverland Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

The Promised Neverland Season 3

The Promised Neverland, based on the manga series written by Kaiu Shirai and illustrated by Posuka Demizu, has been one of the most popular and gripping recent anime series. Centered around a group of orphan children who discover a horrifying secret about their isolated orphanage, the series has earned praise for its complex characters, chilling psychological suspense, and thought-provoking philosophical questions.

Brief Background on Seasons 1 and 2

In season 1, viewers are introduced to Emma, Norman, Ray, and the other children living blissfully at Grace Field House orphanage. However, after two children are sent away for “adoption”, Emma and Norman uncover the truth that the children are being raised as food for demonic creatures. They begin secretly planning an escape while also dealing with traitors and enemies among both children and adults.

Season 2 shows the children navigating dangerous new obstacles after their escape over the wall from Grace Field House. With some children recaptured, Emma finds allies but must also outwit a sinister new enemy. The season ends on a major cliffhanger after another escape and the discovery of more human farms breeding children.

Main Characters

The series revolves around the athletic and reckless Emma, who becomes a fierce leader and protector of the children. Her strategic friend Norman and the cynical but loyal Ray support her in planning escapes. Antagonists include Isabella, the “Mama” who raises the farm children, and new enemies introduced in later arcs.

The Premise and Story So Far

Overall the anime follows the orphan children as they go from an idyllic family-like existence to uncovering dark secrets that flip their worldview completely. They must adapt quickly, build alliances, and use all their intelligence to survive and oppose the system they were raised in.

Popularity and Reception of The Anime

Season 1 especially received overwhelming critical acclaim and a devoted fanbase. It became famous for unpredictable plot twists, making audiences theorize and ponder philosophical questions about the future of the children. The anime stood out for breaking genre tropes with its nuanced antagonists and avoidance of clear good/evil divisions.

However, season 2 received more mixed reactions from fans. While still popular, some criticized the slower pace, excess flashbacks, and writing choices diverging from the manga’s Goldy Pond arc. Still, the stunning finale and lifelong fan loyalty kept interest alive for the yet unconfirmed season 3.

The Promised Neverland cast
The Promised Neverland cast

The Wait for The Promised Neverland Season 3

With the season 2 finale leaving audiences on a major cliffhanger in January 2021, fans have anxiously awaited season 3 news for over 3 years now.

Fan Demand for Next Season

The popularity of the franchise and unresolved ending continues to fuel devoted fans to campaign for a new season.

Social Media Campaigns by Fans

Hashtags like #TPNS3 and #NeverlandS3 have repeatedly trended over the past three years, especially on milestone dates. Creative fan art and anime conventions have kept the series visible in public consciousness.

Petitions and Requests to Studios

Change.org petitions have gathered over 150,000 signatures requesting a season 3. Fans regularly tag studios like Aniplex requesting a new season announcement.

Rumors and Unofficial Announcements

While no studios have officially confirmed a third season, various rumors have sparked anticipation from fans.

Comments from Producers

In interviews, producers commented on the possibility of a new set of episodes if Blu-Ray sales and licensing perform well over time. This gives hope that the company is still considering numbers and timing.

Speculation on Release Timeframe

Early guesses pegged late 2022 as a potential season 3 release date. But with no word yet in 2023, fans now speculate 2024-2025 may finally give answers to the cliffhanger.

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What to Expect in Season 3

With 12 volumes of manga material yet to be adapted into anime episodes, season 3 has plenty of source material to draw from.

Potential Source Material from Manga

Major story arcs from the manga that remain for the anime include Goldy Pond, Cuvitidala, and the manga’s ending.

Goldy Pond Arc

This arc likely forms the basis for season 3, focusing on a mysterious poaching organization hunting humans. Emma’s group discovers other escaped children and both allies and enemies.

Cuvitidala Arc

Later in the manga, Emma reaches this demon city to finally confront the demon queen. Secrets of the world are uncovered that may change sympathies.

Ending of The Story

Without spoiling events, the manga’s conclusion brings definitive answers and an emotional ending to key characters’ journeys over years and adventures.

The Promised Neverland story
The Promised Neverland story

New Characters Likely To Be Introduced

Many pivotal new characters emerge from the manga’s remaining story that could be prominently featured.


The Goldy Pond arc introduces the fierce poacher Bayon and other villain groups, while later arcs reveal demon royalty and players in power.


Fellow human children scared from farms befriend and support Emma, like former Grace Field escapee Nigel. A mysterious ally named “The Observer” also aids their quest.

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Storylines Likely To Be Explored

Major questions left hanging are addressed in coming twists that anime-only audiences crave resolving.

Answer to Cliffhanger Ending of Season 2

The immediate follow-up after Emma’s group helped children escape to the human world remains untold. Goldy Pond’s events directly continue this story.

New World Challenges After Grace Field House Escape

Far greater dangers face the children, including human betrayers. Special skills help them survive away from farms’ shelters for the first time.

Confrontations With Adversaries

Rather than just fleeing enemies, Emma goes on the offensive to understand the demons and make difficult choices for the greater good.

The Promised Neverland Emma
The Promised Neverland Emma

Challenges in Producing Season 3

Bringing The Promised Neverland story to a conclusion presents obstacles for studios and creators, which likely contributes to season 3 delays.

Change of Studios

A new studio taking over could necessitate style shifts from previous seasons.

Switch from CloverWorks to New Studio

CloverWorks animated the first two seasons but declined season 3, reportedly from staff shortages. Fans worry about replicating the look and feel under new artists.

Replicating Style and Tone

The unique color palette, character design, and tone earned acclaim that studios must match. Capturing intricate plot suspense also proves challenging.

Fan Expectations After Mixed Reviews of Season 2

While still successful, criticism emerged over season 2 creative choices. The team behind season 3 must rebuild fan trust.

Addressing Complaints About Pacing and Writing

Many took issue with season 2’s dragged-out flashbacks and rewritten storyline. Tighter writing and staying faithful to manga have been requested.

Sticking to Source Material

Following the manga plots more precisely, especially Goldy Pond, matters to vocal fans. Streamlining content also works better for complex arcs.


Despite hurdles in recreating its distinct magic after delays, The Promised Neverland still has unfinished business, with fans longing for closure.

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