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Re zero season 3: Everything We Know So Far

Re Zero Season 3
Re Zero Season 3

Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World has become one of the most popular anime in recent years. First released in 2016, this dark fantasy anime has accumulated a huge global fanbase eager for more. Re: Zero chronicles the adventures of protagonist Subaru Natsuki, an ordinary teenager who is suddenly transported to a fantasy world.

Story and Characters

Trapped in an unfamiliar land, Subaru discovers he has acquired a mysterious power – “Return by Death,” which allows him to rewind time by dying. Subaru struggles to survive in this fantasy world of magic and mayhem while unraveling the secrets behind his power and the world.

Season 1 Highlights

In season 1, Subaru meets various characters like the kind-hearted half-elf Emilia, the demon maids Rem and Ram, along with others. He also faces continuous deaths while enduring painful trials orchestrated by enemies, including the diabolical witch cult. Despite enduring immense suffering, Subaru’s determination to protect Emilia grows stronger.

Season 2 Highlights

Season 2 continues Subaru’s adventures as he vows to save Emilia and uncover more mysteries. He stumbles upon the sanctuary and encounters the wise spirit beast Echidna. After escaping the sanctuary with Emilia and Rem, Subaru faces the sadistic witch cult leader Petelgeuse. Following a hard battle, Subaru and his allies can restore peace to the Lugunica Kingdom.

Re Zero Story Line
Re Zero Story Line

Anticipation for Re: Zero Season 3

With the gripping season 2 finale leaving fans on a cliffhanger, anticipation for season 3 is at an all-time high. Though not officially confirmed yet, plenty of light novel source material remains left to adapt for more seasons.

Re: Zero season 3 release date 

The third season of Re: Zero is expected to be released in 2024, though the exact release date is still unknown. Some predict a fall 2024 release date

Production Details

Like the first two seasons, Re: Zero season 3 will be produced by the animation studio White Fox. Lead actors like Yusuke Kobayashi as Subaru and Rie Takahashi as Emilia are also expected to return. More details will likely emerge closer to the official season 3 renewal.

Potential Storylines

Continue Where Season 2 Left Off

Season 3 will likely pick up where season 2 ended – with Subaru grieving Rem after her name and memories were eaten. Fans are eager to see if Rem gets her memories back and how it impacts the dynamics with Subaru and Emilia.

Further, Explore the Sanctuary

The mysterious sanctuary introduced in season 2 has many untold secrets. Season 3 could reveal more history about the sanctuary’s origins and meaning through spirits like Echidna.

Emilia’s Backstory

Little is still known about Emilia’s past before she met Subaru. Season 3 could delve deeper into Emilia’s upbringing, her ties to the witch, and her quest to be queen.

What Fans Hope to See

More Character Development


Fans are invested in Subaru’s character arc as he strives to develop his skills and self-worth. Season 3 could show Subaru becoming stronger both mentally and physically.



Viewers want to see more of Emilia’s backstory and relationships with characters like Puck. There is also hope for more romance between Subaru and Emilia now that Emilia’s feelings are clear.


If Rem gets her memories and names back, fans want to fully explore how her dynamic with Subaru changes, especially with Emilia in the picture.


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New Challenges for Subaru

New Enemies

Each arc introduces more terrifying villains for Subaru to face, like the Sin Archbishops of the witch cult. Fans can’t wait for Subaru to battle even stronger foes.

Complex Plots and Mysteries

The story is filled with intricacies about the witch’s cult, authorities, and witch politics. Fans love theorizing and want season 3 to reveal more world-building details.

Epic Battles and Fights

Every season features epic fantasy battles where heroes and villains clash. Fans hope season 3 raises the stakes even higher with intense wars, fights with more gore, and added drama.

Re Zero story
Re Zero story

Why Fans Love Re: Zero

Captivating Characters

Re: Zero has an expansive cast of unique, multifaceted characters. Viewers become deeply invested in their struggles and growth.

Unique Storytelling

The show sets itself apart with its dark tone, constant plot twists, gore, and suspense. Fans love theorizing about where the complex story will go next.

Blend of Genres

Blending psychological thriller, drama, romance, and classic fantasy elements, Re: Zero appeals to fans of many genres.


From the creative storytelling to the loveable characters, Re: Zero has cemented its place as a modern anime classic. As one of the most anticipated upcoming anime seasons, Re: Zero season 3 is sure to be another wild and thrilling ride. Whenever it drops, fans will be ready to join Subaru as his epic saga continues.

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Is Re: Zero season 3 confirmed?

No Re: Zero season 3 has not yet been officially confirmed, but it is expected to be announced in the future based on the popularity of the series.

How much Re: Zero light novel source material is left?

There are currently 25+ volumes of the Re: Zero light novel series published, leaving ample content for more seasons.

How far will Re: Zero season 3 adapt?

Season 3 will likely adapt content from light novel volumes 10 onward, continuing past where season 2 left off around volume 9.

Who is Echidna in Re: Zero?

Echidna is a powerful and mysterious witch that Subaru encounters in the sanctuary. She has a deep interest in Subaru’s power and proves to be both helpful and manipulative to him.

What happened to Rem in Re: Zero season 2?

An evil archbishop’s attack caused Rem to lose her memories and entire sense of self, erasing her very name. Fans await whether Rem will regain her identity.

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