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Tomodachi Game Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Featured image of Tomodachi Game Season 2

The psychological thriller anime Tomodachi Game took viewers by storm when it premiered in April 2022. The show’s unpredictable games, eccentric characters, and engrossing storylines garnered a dedicated fanbase eagerly awaiting more. Now that season 1 has finished airing, fans are clamoring for details on Tomodachi Game season 2.

Tomodachi Game Overview

This anime is based on a manga series of the same name written by Mikoto Yamaguchi and illustrated by Yūichi Hiiragi. The anime adaptation was produced by Okuruto Noboru and aired in spring 2022.

Story and characters

The show centers around high school student Yūichi Katagiri, a pragmatic boy struggling with money issues. Yūichi is invited to play a series of psychological games with huge cash prizes by a mysterious friend named Shibe.

With classmates like the eccentric trickster Kokorogi, the frail Sakuma, and the abrasive Tenji, Yūichi must outwit opponents and survive these sinister games where it’s kill or be killed.

Tomodachi Game Season Characters
Tomodachi Game Season Characters

Popularity and reception

This anime gained positive reviews for its unpredictable mind games, eccentric characters, and exploration of morality. The show gained popularity across Asia, ranking on top anime charts. The cliffhanger ending left fans eagerly anticipating the next season.

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Season 1 Recap

Season 1 introduced viewers to the creepy, high-stakes world of the Tomodachi Game. Here’s a quick recap of the main events.

Main plot points

  • Yūichi gets drawn into a series of psychological games run by the mysterious Shibe. Winners receive large cash prizes.
  • Yūichi allies with classmates Kokorogi, Shibe, and Tenji to survive the deadly games together.
  • The group faces increasingly sinister games testing their morality. Players are even tempted to kill others to win.
  • Late in the season, it’s revealed that Yūichi’s missing mother relates to these games and Shibe’s organization.

Cliffhanger ending

The season ends on a cliffhanger with many unanswered questions:

  • Who is the shadowy mastermind behind the games?
  • What happened to Yūichi’s mother? Is she alive?
  • What is Shibe’s end goal as the game organizer?
  • Will the group participate in more games together?

Tomodachi Game Season 2 Expectations

Season 2 will likely pick up where Season 1 left off and address its huge cliffhanger.

Continuing the main story

Further episodes will continue the dark, psychological games as Yūichi seeks answers about his missing mother and the truth behind Shibe’s organization.

New games and challenges

Fans can expect fresh, twisted games testing the characters in new ways, physically and morally. New contestants may also join.

Character development

Core characters like Yūichi, Kokorogi, and Shibe will continue to be explored. Backstory flashbacks and growth through games could lead to revelations.

Potential new characters

New friends, rivals, and enemies may emerge, including additional contestants or game masters pulling strings behind the scenes.

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Potential new rivals
Potential new rivals

Production details

Details are scarce, but here’s what we know so far about the creation of season 2:

Staff and studio

The studio Okuruto Noboru and core staff will likely return for season 2. More information will emerge as production progresses.

Release date speculation

Tomodachi Game Season 1 aired in the spring of 2022. Depending on production schedules, fans speculate that season 2 could air somewhere in 2024.

The trend is rising again

The search trend of Tomodachi Game season 2 peaked in June 2022 after its first season aired. Now, the trend is again on the rise as 2024 starts. Fans are now hoping for its release date announcement and launch this year.

Tomodachi Game Season 2 Search Trend
Tomodachi Game Season 2 Search Trend

Reasons fans are excited

Here are some of the biggest reasons fans eagerly await the next installment:

Answering season 1 cliffhanger

Fans are desperate for answers to the huge cliffhanger and mysteries surrounding Yūichi’s mom and Shibe’s true motives.

More psychological games

The deadly mind games were a core highlight of season 1. Fans crave more immersive, twisted contests.

Ongoing character storylines

Many characters like Kokorogi and Shibe still have unfinished arcs. Fans are invested in their development.

Ongoing character storylines
Yuuichi Katagiri & Shiho Sawarag


With its addictive psychological games and eccentric characters, Tomodachi Game has fans hooked—season 2 promises to deliver more sinister challenges for Yūichi and friends while unraveling lingering mysteries. As the anime community eagerly awaits news of the next season, its dark games continue to thrill.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will Tomodachi Game season 2 be released?

The release date is still unannounced. But based on production schedules, fans speculate it could be released sometime in 2024.

How many episodes will season 2 have?

The episode count is still unconfirmed. But season 1 had 12 episodes, so fans predict season 2 will likely also be around 12.

Will the same studios and staff work on season 2?

It’s likely the studio Okuruto Noboru and the core staff will return. But exact details are still to be announced.

Will the new season finally reveal Yūichi’s mother’s fate?

It’s very likely a huge season 2 storyline will involve Yūichi investigating his missing mother’s connection to the Tomodachi Game and seeking answers related to the season 1 cliffhanger.

What manga chapters will season 2 cover?

In the first season, it covered manga chapters 1-30. Season 2 will likely adapt chapters 31 onwards, further into the story.


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