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Total War: Rome 3 (Everything We Know So Far)

Total War Rome 3

The Total War series has solidified itself as one of the premier strategy game franchises in all of gaming. Developed by Creative Assembly and published by Sega, the series has explored historical settings ranging from feudal Japan to Medieval Europe to the Roman Empire.

A Brief History of Total War

Total War first launched in 2000 with Shogun: Total War, transporting players to 16th century Japan during the Sengoku period. Players managed provinces on the campaign map before fighting real-time battles with samurai, ninja, and ashigaru units.

The second installment, Medieval: Total War (2002), spanned the Middle Ages with a grand campaign across Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. Players built castles, managed settlements, and led armies of knights, archers, and men-at-arms into battle.

But Rome: Total War in 2004 truly put the series on the map and captured the imaginations of strategy gamers. Charging players dominating the ancient world, Rome enabled players to marshal legions, phalanxes, war elephants, and barbarian hordes in massive real-time battles.

Since then, the more recent titles like Total War: Warhammer and Total War: Three Kingdoms have expanded the scope and scale even further with fantasy elements and action-packed heroic combat. But fans still have a soft spot for the game that made Total War a household name – Rome: Total War.

Total War Rome Gameplay

Rumors and Speculation

So, with the success of recent titles, could Creative Assembly be looking to revisit the fan-favorite setting with a Total War: Rome 3? There have been hints that give hope to eager fans awaiting a return to ancient Rome.

In a 2018 interview, Creative Assembly’s Studio Director Tim Heaton remarked, “You’d be blind not to realize the opportunity around some of those periods and locations.” Referencing previous games like Medieval, Shogun, and Rome, his comments seemed to hint that a Rome sequel could be on the table.

Some fans have also noticed job postings on Creative Assembly’s site suggesting they are staffing up to develop a new historical Total War game. And with Rome arguably the most acclaimed and nostalgic setting, hopes are high that this series may be next.

Online forums and comment sections are already speculating about this upcoming series and what fans want to see from such a sequel. The hype is growing, but what can we realistically expect from Total War returning to ancient Rome?

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What We Can Expect From This Series?

A new Rome game built using Creative Assembly’s latest Total War engine would include several enhancements over the 2004 original. Here are some of the likely improvements:

Improved Graphics and Engine

Creative Assembly makes big strides in graphics fidelity and scale with each new Total War game. We expect Rome 3, built on the Total War: Warhammer engine, to look stunning with highly detailed units, environments, and visual effects.

Deeper Campaign Mechanics

Modern Total War titles feature more complexity in their turn-based campaign layers. This could integrate enhanced diplomacy, trade systems, technology trees, and province management systems.

Total War Rome cavalry Army

Expanded Unit Rosters

Rome’s faction unit rosters were somewhat limited compared to newer games. A Rome sequel would flesh out rosters with greater unit variety and special abilities.

Enhanced Siege Battles

Sieges were lackluster in the original, but 3rd part could let players fully interact with and assault fortified settlements like never before.

Larger Map and More Factions

Expanding the map to include more of the ancient world would be expected, as would adding more playable cultures and subcultures beyond just the Romans.

Potential Rome 3 Release Date

So when could Total War return to Rome? Based on typical Total War development cycles, a safe bet would be 2024 or 2025 for a potential release.

Creative Assembly targets 2-3-year gaps between major historical releases while mixing in Warhammer content. With Total War: Three Kingdoms launching in 2019, 2024 would be a prime launch window for Rome 3.

However, if news comes sooner, a late 2023 release could be possible, though it may be optimistic. Fans will eagerly await any announcements from Creative Assembly.

Total War Rome Army Marching

What News and Announcements to Look Out For

When can we expect Creative Assembly to confirm they are working on Total War finally: Rome 3? Here are some events to watch for possible news:

  • E3 2023 – Major June gaming event could hold big reveals
  • Gamescom 2023 – Europe’s largest gaming expo in August
  • CA Blog Posts – The team often drops hints on their official blog
  • Investor Calls – Leadership sometimes discusses unannounced projects
  • Rating Leaks – Listings prematurely posted by ratings boards

So watch as 2023 unfolds for any leaks or insider info that may confirm the 3rd part is Creative Assembly’s next big historical Total War epic.


With a legacy spanning two decades, Total War going back to basics by revisiting the Roman era would be a strategic triumph. Blending modern graphics and mechanics with the classic setting would give strategy fans an experience they’ve dreamed of since 2004.

While nothing is official, the signs pointing to Rome 3 grow stronger daily. As Creative Assembly navigates what’s next for Total War, hopefully, they heed fans’ calls and will soon march a new Roman epic onto PCs. Veni, vidi, vici!

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FAQs about Rome Total War 3

Q: Is Total War Rome 3 confirmed?

A: Not yet. But rumors and speculation indicate it will likely be Creative Assembly’s next big historical release.

Q: What time would it cover?

A: Most likely the same as the original – from the Roman Republic era to the dividing of the empire.

Q: What new factions could be included?

A: Greece, Carthage, Egypt, and barbarian tribes would make likely additions.

Q: Will it have a co-op campaign?

A: Co-op has been seen in newer Total Wars, so this series could include it.

Q: What platforms would it be available on?

A: Given the scale, it would be PC only like other mainline Total War titles.


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