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SwifDoo PDF: Reasons Why Offices Use A Dedicated PDF Editor

Dedicated PDF Editor

The PDF format is intended primarily for printed documents, which we will unlikely change. It is, therefore, helpful when we want to send our work to someone to read or when we want to print it.

Every day, administrative employees edit and process data, copy fragments of texts and tables, and compare different versions of files and documents. This often involves transcribing or searching for data in traditional analog archives. To improve and speed up work, it is worth using proven solutions like tools that help save time with an image resizer.

PDF documents are essential in office work. Therefore, it is worth knowing some advantages that can be applied to them. 

The Advantages of PDF Files

  1. The document format is preserved, and the file is displayed similarly on any computer or device. 
  2. A PDF file can store graphics, fonts, and other necessary elements inside it.
  3. PDF documents may have attachments that the document can read or save to the hard drive.
  4. A PDF file is a final file, meaning you should not edit such documents directly in PDF format, even though some applications create a PDF file and allow you to edit it.
  5. It is possible to encrypt files, protect them with a password, and add annotations to the document.
  6. Popularity. This is the most popular text format for sending text documents, widely accepted and often required in forms, e.g., CVs.
  7. The format meets ISO standards, which is why it is used in many industries, including industrial and construction, and for archiving and digitizing documents.
  8. Continuous updating and maintenance by the ISO organization ensures the correct format.
  9. Additional functions include blocking content copying, printing, modifying, filling out the form, encrypting, or setting a password.
  10. Digital signature and acceptance in government offices.
  11. Possibility of compression (e.g., photos), unique variants of PDF files aimed at publication on the Internet or printing
  12. You can attach files to a PDF file that the reader can download and save to disk.

Use A Dedicated PDF Editor – SwifDoo PDF


Administrative work with documents in PDF format goes far beyond simply viewing them. Officials need additional capabilities, such as editing, commenting, or converting into text files. A dedicated PDF editor such as SwifDoo PDF provides all these features.

Every day, administrative employees edit and process data, copy fragments of texts and tables, and compare different versions of files and documents. This often involves transcribing or searching for data in traditional analog archives. To improve and speed up work, it is worth using proven solutions.

For administration, the ideal tool is a dedicated PDF software such as SwifDoo PDF, which allows you to work easily and quickly. What is important is that one purchased license can be used by up to a dozen or so employees interchangeably.

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The Highlighted Benefits of Using a Dedicated PDF Program

SwiftDoo Features
SwiftDoo Features

Here are the benefits mentioned by users working in public administration units:

  1. Work efficiency: When working with large numbers of documents (such as Ebooks, contracts, and reports), SwifDoo PDF allows you to manage their processing better, reducing the time needed for manual rewriting and verification of data and thus increasing work efficiency.
  1. Quick access to information: The text recognition function allows you to search the content of documents, thanks to which you can quickly find the information you need, which speeds up the decision-making process and responds to customer queries.
  1. Easy document conversion: SwifDoo PDF converter tools allow you to convert documents from various formats to editable text files and quickly transform paper documents into searchable digital forms, such as PDF to Word, Excel, or JPG files into editable ones, making them easier to manage, archive, and share.
  1. Data security: The manufacturer has equipped SwifDoo PDF with advanced security functions, including encryption and access control to documents, and guarantees that the data is protected and confidential, which is particularly important in the case of documents containing the personal data of interested parties.
  1. Improving customer service: Improved document processing processes allow faster and more effective service, i.e., shortening customers’ waiting time for answers or considering applications.
  1. Cost reduction: Eliminating manual data rewriting reduces the risk of errors and the need for rework, and converting documents to electronic format means savings related to the storage and archiving of paper documents.
  1. Improvement of administrative processes: SwifDoo PDF AI Tool enables the automation of administrative processes such as document analytics, data identification, and comparison. This speeds up the work process in administrative facilities and saves time and resources.
  1. Ease of use: The application provides an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that does not require training and facilitates adaptation to new software.

In Closing

Implementing a dedicated PDF solution such as the SwifDoo PDF in city and municipal offices contributes to streamlining work, increasing efficiency, optimizing processes, and improving customer service and data security. This PDF editor supports the office’s daily activities, facilitating document management, administrative processes, and communication with AI-powered integration.

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