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Noragami Season 3: Everything We Know So Far


Noragami is a popular supernatural anime series that premiered in 2014. The show centers around Yato, a minor god with dreams of having millions of followers, and his human partner Hiyori. Together with Yato’s weapon partner Yukine, they go on adventures and take on jobs to gain fame and fortune for Yato.

Recapping Noragami’s Story and Characters

Before speculating on a potential third season, let’s recap the story and characters of Noragami.

Where We Left Off in Season 1

The first season introduces the main characters and relationships while establishing the supernatural world the show is set in. We met Hiyori and learned how she became half-spirit after an accident. She teams up with Yato after hiring him to fix her body. Several plot lines were explored, including:

  • Yato’s troubled past and history with the god Nora
  • Yukine’s emergence as Yato’s new weapon partner
  • The strained relationship between Yato and the other God of Calamity, Bishamon

Events of Season 2

The second season we dealt with the consequences of the first. Yukine struggles with blight and his existence endangers Yato. The source of Bishamon’s hatred for Yato stems from past trauma inflicted by Nora. We also learn more about supernatural entities called Aragami.

The season ended on a cliffhanger, with Yato disappearing through a crack, leaving his friends worried.

Noragami story
Noragami story

Is Noragami Season 3 Confirmed?

As of 2024, Noragami Season 3 has unfortunately not been confirmed yet by studio Bones. The anime series likely needs more manga source material before a third season can be produced.

Potential Release Date

If the manga provides enough new material, a Noragami Season 3 announcement could come as early as late 2024. However, 2025 seems more realistic, considering the anime would need time to restart production.

If greenlit soon, Noragami Season 3 could air in late 2025 or early 2026.

What Fans Can Expect from Season 3

While story details remain unknown, fans have reasonable expectations for a potential third Noragami season.

Continuing Storylines

Season 3 would likely pick up right after the cliffhanger ending and address Yato’s whereabouts. More backstory would probably be explored including:

  • Revealing Nora’s history with Yato
  • Resolving the Bishamon storyline
  • Yukine’s continued character development
Noragami Characters
Noragami Characters

New Developments

New manga chapters introduce further world-building with new gods and tensions in the supernatural world for a potential Season 3 to cover. We could also see:

  • Yato regaining his memories
  • Yato’s past trauma explored
  • Romance between Yato and Hiyori?

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Why Fans Want a Noragami Season 3

Noragami continues to have an enthusiastic fanbase that is eager for a new season.

**Unresolved Plot Points from Season 2 **

Many fans feel Season 2 ended abruptly when the storyline was getting extra interesting regarding Yato’s origins.

Popular unresolved plot threads include:

Yato’s Backstory

Details about Yato’s previous incarnation as a God of Calamity remain unclear. Fans are eager to see his past with Nora explored further.

Bishamon’s Character Arc

Bishamon overcoming her hatred of Yato is an ongoing character arc. Their eventual reconciliation seems likely.

Interest in New Content

The Noragami manga features excellent worldbuilding that fans want to see animated with exciting new characters and supernatural threats introduced.

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Will There Be a Noragami Season 4 and Beyond?

The prospects are decent for additional Noragami seasons if Season 3 performs well. The manga provides plenty of source material for more adventures with Yato, Yukine, and Hiyori.

Noragami could follow the model of similarly popular long-running anime series. Multi-season franchises allow fans to enjoy new arcs and growing characters over time.


Noragami has more stories left to tell, with its popularity remaining high. It’s only a matter of time before fans get a long-awaited Season 3 announcement.

The third season will hopefully resume Season 2’s cliffhanger ending and provide more backstory on favorite characters. New threats also await our heroes, with exciting world-building on the horizon!

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Q: How much Noragami manga content is there for future anime seasons?

A: As of 2024, 25 volumes of the Noragami manga have been released, providing substantial source material for future seasons.

Q: Who are the most likely new characters in Noragami Season 3?

A: Characters introduced in later manga arcs like Mizuchi, Ebisu, and Suzuha seem likely to debut. Gods Takemikazuchi and Kiun could also appear.

Q: Will Yato and Hiyori end up together romantically?

A: Many fans “ship” them, but the manga remains ambiguous about their future relationship status thus far. Their romantic chemistry growing over seasons remains a real possibility, though.

Q: Could Nora make a return despite apparently being killed off?

A: Given her history with Yato, Nora coming back to life or in flashbacks seems plausible, providing insights into his origins as a God of Calamity.

Q: Might the new threats force Yato to reawaken his dark former nature?

A: If new foes push him into a corner, Yato could revert from his current good-natured personality into his previous ruthless incarnation, which would excite fans.

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