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Mieruko-chan Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Mieruko-Chan Season 2

Mieruko-chan took the anime world by storm when it premiered in October 2021. With its unique blend of horror, comedy, and slice-of-life, the series amassed a dedicated fanbase eager for more. Now, anticipation is high for Mieruko-chan Season 2.

Overview of Mieruko-chan

Also known as Mieruko-Chan: The Outcast is a Japanese manga series written by Tomoki Izumi. It was first serialized in 2012 and collected in 10 tankobon volumes. An anime TV series adaptation by Passione aired in October 2021.


The story follows an ordinary high school girl named Miko Yotsuya. Miko can see ghosts and other supernatural phenomena that regular people cannot perceive. This power has given her the ability to see horrific creatures and spirits. However, to avoid attracting attention, Miko ignores the paranormal and avoids reacting to the ghouls only she can see.

Despite her efforts to go on with a normal life, Miko is plunged into one supernatural encounter after another. She must cope with her frightening power while keeping it a secret from her family and friends.

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Overview of Mieruko-chan
Miko Yotsuya


Miko Yotsuya: The protagonist. She gained the ability to see spirits after a near-death experience as a child. Miko does her best to ignore the ghouls around her and avoid interacting with them.

Hana Satou: Miko’s best friend. She is an outgoing and cheerful girl concerned about Miko’s odd behaviors but doesn’t know her secret.

Satsuki Yotsuya: Miko’s younger sister who admires her. She is unaware of her sister’s abilities.

Zen Jouro: A mysterious classmate who might have connections to the spirit world. He takes an interest in Miko.

Popularity and Impact

Despite being lesser known than some other big-name anime, Mieruko-chan made a huge splash. Fans praised its fresh take on horror anime, with doses of comedy lightening the creepy atmosphere. Miko became popular as a relatable lead, and her hilarious facial expressions in response to Jump to Content the Ghosts spawned memes online.

The anime boosted interest in the original manga, which boosted sales. Its success shows the appeal of short-form horror anime that doesn’t rely on gore or extreme violence.

Details About Season 1

Season 1 of the anime contained 12 episodes airing from October to December 2021.

Episodes and Arcs

The first season adapted content from the first 36 chapters of the manga, loosely following Miko’s daily school life and introducing various spirit encounters.

Popularity and Impact

Notable episode arcs and stories included:

  • Miko gains the ability to see spirits as a child after nearly drowning.
  • Miko ignores increasingly terrifying ghosts at school and home.
  • Miko bonds with the eccentric Zen while seeing ominous spirits around him.
  • The backstory of a ghostly girl who committed suicide after being bullied.
  • Miko visits a shrine and gets trapped there overnight with malicious spirits.
  • Miko is menaced at school by the ghost of a murderous janitor.

Reception and Reviews

Mieruko-chan received widespread critical acclaim for its first season. Reviewers praised the series for delivering genuinely creepy horror stories paired with Miko’s comedic reactions.

The colorful animation and character designs by Passione were also highlighted. Critics remarked on the series’ ability to humanize its ghosts by revealing their backstories.

Some reviewers did critique the episodic nature of season 1 and hoped for more storyline continuity in the future. Overall, though, the anime was seen as a strong adaptation that captured the appeal of the manga.

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Details About Mieruko-chan Season 2

While a second season has not yet officially been confirmed, the positive reception makes it very likely that it will return.

Potential Release Date

If greenlit, Season 2 would likely air sometime in 2024, based on typical anime production schedules.

Story and Character Development

More content from the manga provides plenty of material for a new season. Fans speculate season 2 would feature:

  • More focus on the enigmatic character Zen and his connection to spirits.
  • Further exploration of Miko’s abilities and how she copes with her frightening power.
  • Additional backstories and personalities are revealed for the various spirits.
  • Overarching storylines beyond episodic horror tales.
  • Introduction of new characters like Miko’s relative who may have similar powers.
  • Miko forming a paranormal investigation club at school to research spirits.
Speculation About Season 2
Mieruko-chan Characters

Hopes for the New Season

Fans are eager for a second season to continue Miko Yotsuya’s horrifying yet hilarious adventures. Viewers hope a new season will deliver:

  • Scarier and more creative spirit encounters and ghost designs.
  • More screen time for popular supporting characters like Hana.
  • Further character development for Miko as she gains confidence.
  • Revelations about the nature of Miko’s abilities and how she got them.
  • Expanded world-building and lore around the ghosts Miko sees.
  • Overarching plot progression beyond episodic stories.

With so much growth potential, Season 2 could take the franchise to thrilling new heights. The foundations are solid for a worthy successor to a unique and captivating first season.


Mieruko-chan was one of 2021’s most pleasantly surprising anime hits. Despite some flaws, its excellent horror elements blended with humanity and humor earned it a passionate fanbase. While a second season hasn’t been confirmed yet, the likelihood is high given the positive reception.

There is ample source material left to adapt and room to expand the anime’s story and characters further. Fans eagerly await the horrifying hijinks and hilarity a second season could bring. It has established itself as a unique gem in the anime horror genre. More episodes would be welcomed by viewers craving creative, creepy, and funny supernatural tales.

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Q: Is there going to be a season 2 of Mieruko-chan?

A: A second season hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, but it’s very likely, considering the popularity and positive reviews of season 1. More episodes will probably be announced in 2024.

Q: How much manga material is left for season 2?

A: Plenty! The manga is still ongoing, currently at 10 volumes. Season 1 only adapted the first 36 chapters, so much content is left for more anime seasons.

Q: When will season 2 be released?

A: There’s no definitive date yet, but new seasons are typically separated by a year or so. Fans predict season 2 could air sometime in 2024 if greenlit.

Q: Who is Zen in this anime?

A: Zen Jouro is a mysterious classmate who takes an interest in Miko. Fans theorize he has psychic or supernatural powers and a connection to the spirit world Miko sees.

Q: Will the anime follow the manga closely?

A: Season 1 was a fairly faithful adaptation, though not completely chronological. It’s likely future seasons will continue to adapt the manga closely while rearranging or condensing some content.


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