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Remake Our Life Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Remake Our Life Season 2

As of now, there has been no official announcement regarding the release date of “Remake Our Life Season 2.” The first season captured the hearts of viewers with its captivating storyline.

While no formal statement has been made about the sequel’s renewal, the critical reception of the anime suggests that it has a strong chance of returning for a second season.

Overview of story and characters

In the first season, we are introduced to Kyouya and the main group of friends around him. This includes:

  • Nanako Kogure: Nanako is another one of Kyouya’s classmates and is studying to become a voice actress.
  • Eiko Kagasegawa: Eiko is a mysterious figure who offers Kyouya the opportunity to change his past.
  • Tsurayuki Rokuonji: Tsurayuki is a successful novelist who mentors Kyouya and his friends. He provides guidance and advice as they navigate their chosen career paths.
  • Shino Akiyama: Shino is another member of Kyouya’s group who is passionate about game development.

As Kyouya tries to remake his life, he forges deeper bonds with these characters from his past. Their interactions and growth together formed the heart of season 1.

Remake Our Life Season story line
Remake Our Life Season storyline

The main protagonist – Hashiba Kyouya

Hashiba Kyouya is the main character who gets to relive his youth. He was previously dissatisfied with his career and lack of meaningful relationships. But after going back in time, Kyouya puts renewed effort into pursuing his passions and connecting with those important to him.

His relationship with Nanako, in particular, sees major development over the first season. Meanwhile, other friends like Erika and Shuuji play key supporting roles. Kyouya’s choices lead him down a fresh path compared to his past self.

Previous Seasons And Episodes

Remake Our Life! is an anime series that has gained notable acclaim. Based on Nachi Kio’s light novel series, the anime’s first season ran from July 3, 2021, to September 25, 2021, comprising 12 episodes, each with a runtime of approximately 25 minutes.

This series tells the story of Kyouya Hashiba, a 28-year-old aspiring game developer, who is given a unique opportunity to travel back in time and alter the course of his life.

With 3 wins and 8 nominations to its name, Remake Our Life! has garnered recognition, showcasing its quality and popularity. These awards include the 2021 Seasonal Award for Favourite Drama and the 2021 Seasonal Award for Favourite Couple Ship.

Remake Our Life Previous Season
Remake Our Life Previous Season

Where To Watch Remake Our Life

Remake Our Life! is accessible to viewers in the UK, USA, and Canada through the streaming platform Crunchyroll. This means that fans in these regions can enjoy the anime series conveniently.

Crunchyroll offers a user-friendly and legal platform for anime enthusiasts to watch this show, providing a wide range of episodes and content related to this anime With its availability on Crunchyroll in these regions, viewers can immerse themselves in the captivating story of Kyouya Hashiba’s journey to reshape his life and explore the unique blend of time travel and relatable adult life themes that the series offers.

Season 2 Google Trends Data Analysis

The graph doesn’t seem to be all that appealing. With a lot of abrupt movements, it is clear that the hype for the show just isn’t there, and that’s just part of the whole story.

Even though it’s been two years since the series aired, the demand for a sequel seems to be quite low as lines are reaching 0 time and time again. Moreover, the peak is around October 23 to 29, and there’s no concrete reason as to why that peak exists.

Therefore, it can be said that the highs and lows of the anime take place randomly, so there’s no tangible hype for the second season just yet.

However, we can’t say anything about the future just yet.

Remake Our Life Social Media Engagement

Fans seem to be quite hopeful about the potential sequel for the series. There seems to be a consensus that the show is going to get a sequel, and people can stay optimistic about it.

Anime like Devil is a Part-Timer received a sequel after 8 years, and so people are hoping that this anime would also be the subject of another season. While some are claiming that the entire reason this anime was created was to improve manga sales, others are claiming that the show will get a second season sooner or later.

And that mutual understanding is what makes the social media engagement of the show quite positive overall.

Expected Plot

In Remake Our Life Season 2, we can anticipate the continuation of Kyoya Hashiba’s time-traveling journey, where he and Keiko embark on another voyage to the past. While the initial season focused on Kyoya’s personal growth and transformation from an arrogant young man to a responsible adult, the upcoming season is poised to shift its attention to other team members.

Kyoya’s newfound mission will be to inspire Shinozaki, who is grappling with her motivations and aspirations. His role will extend beyond personal growth as he becomes a source of encouragement for his colleagues.

The series will likely delve into the intricacies of each character’s life, exploring their dreams, struggles, and personal relationships. As the gaming studio faces fresh challenges, viewers can expect a deeper exploration of the creative process, the complexities of relationships within the team, and the consequences of altering the course of time.

Potential romantic developments, along with resolving past mistakes and settling differences with fellow game developers, are all elements that the second season may bring to the forefront. The ongoing light novel series provides ample source material for the anime to delve further into the lives of these characters, making Season 2 an exciting continuation of the captivating time-traveling narrative.

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Top characters in Season 2

Season 2 promises to further explore the main cast as Kyouya continues remaking his life path. Here are some of the most popular and noteworthy characters expected to play big roles.

Remake Our Life Season Characters
Remake Our Life Season Characters

Hashiba Kyouya

As the main protagonist, Kyouya will naturally continue being integral in season 2. In the first season, we saw him reconnect with forgotten dreams of programming and entrepreneurship.

He also invested more sincerely in his friendships instead of taking people for granted. Kyouya’s remaking choices to prioritize his passion projects and relationships caused ripple effects, leading to a better adulthood the second time around.

With his life now on a fresh course, season 2 will likely show Kyouya continuing to grow on this new trajectory. Key questions include: Will his startups be successful? How will his relationship with Nanako progress? And will he inspire those around him to also seize control of their futures? Kyouya still faces ups and downs but season 1 set him up to flourish.

Nanako Yukishiro

The bubbly Nanako started off harboring a secret crush on Kyouya in their college days. After Kyouya returns from the future, Nanako’s feelings are reciprocated as he sees her in a new light. This fan-favorite relationship will surely keep unfolding in the second season.

In season 1, we saw Nanako support Kyouya’s passions while hiding her struggles with low self-confidence. As they grow closer, though, Kyouya encourages Nanako to have more faith in herself. She begins taking big steps like pursuing a music career. Their emotional bond and influence on each other’s growth have viewers rooting for this sweet couple. Expect season 2 to cover milestones in their future together.

Erika Amano

The outspoken Erika underwent important character development in season 1. Initially closed-off and sharp-tongued, she slowly opens up to Kyouya and Nanako about lingering pain and regrets.

Erika puts on a confident front but admits she dropped out of college previously due to isolation and losing sight of her ambitions. Kyouya and Nanako’s empathy gives Erika the courage to return to college with a fresh mindset focused on her dreams instead of just expectations.

Having confronted her past, Erika seems poised for redemption in season 2. Fans are eager to see her reconnect with her artistic passions, graduate college at last, and cherish the friendships that give her the strength she needs.

Other noteworthy characters

Beyond this central trio above, supporting characters like Honoka, Shuuji, and Kanna also received nuanced development that can be expanded on next season:

Ogata Honoka

The standoffish genius Honoka learned to open up and make memories outside classes with Kyouya’s social circle. Getting over past hurt, she may reconnect with her estranged family or find romance in season 2.

Sakurada Kanna

Kyouya’s kouhai Kanna bounced back from bitterness over her athletic injury to rediscover self-worth. She could reclaim her sports career with support from inspiring friends.

Sawamura Shuuji

After Graduation, easygoing Shuuji struggled in adulthood and asked Kyouya for career help. We may see him get life on track and enjoy university circle reunions.


Overview of top characters

Protagonist Kyouya, his love interest Nanako, and their friend Erika underwent the most pivotal growth arcs. Their passions and interpersonal bonds are driving the story now as they remake their lives. Season 2 will likely feature milestones in their careers, relationships, and personal journeys sparked by revisiting their youth with hard-won wisdom.

Supporting characters similarly overcame past struggles to realign priorities and ambitions with help from friends. Their continuing arcs add richness to the praised character writing.

What to expect in Season 2

As a sequel confirmed to be in development, Remake Our Life season 2 has great momentum to pick up on plot threads from all main characters’ revised life trajectories. Fans eagerly anticipate romance developments, friendships tested by time, and the cast achieving career and self-realization goals that eluded them in their proper past. More life-changing choices and consequences faced together by a circle of true friends—that is what has everyone excited to remake life once again!

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When is the release date for Remake Our Life season 2?

No official premiere date has been announced yet besides confirmation of a 2023 release. Check remakeourlife.com for the latest updates.

How many episodes will there be?

While not yet confirmed, the first season had 12 episodes, and season 2 will likely also have around 12 episodes.

What studio will animate season 2?

As with the acclaimed first season, animation studio Feel will produce the second season as well.

Will the same Japanese voice actors return?

Yes, the main Japanese voice cast for characters like Kyouya, Nanako, and Erika have all been confirmed to reprise their roles.

Is the light novel or manga finished?

No, the Remake Our Life light novel series and manga adaptation are both still ongoing, leaving room for more anime seasons to cover new story content.

Is there going to be a second season of Re: make Our Life!?

There is no confirmation yet, but there is a good chance based on positive reviews and available light novel source material. The anime studio has not ruled out continuing the series.

When would Season 2 be released?

If greenlit in 2024, a logical target would be either very late 2024 or early mid-2025 to align with light novel release progress.

What is the potential plot of Season 2?

It may feature Kiyomaro progressing his web career, Chinami revealing her past, Sakura moving forward, and more key characters resurfacing.

How did Re: make Our Life! Season 1 end?

It ends on an upbeat note, with Kiyomaro looking forward to his newly remade life and a second chance with his web business thriving.

How many light novel volumes are there so far?

As of early 2024, the light novel series has released 11 volumes in Japan by publisher Kadokawa. Plenty to adapt into a 12-episode Season 2.

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