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The Room 5: Everything We Know So Far

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The Room series by Fireproof Games has become beloved by puzzle and adventure game fans for its mysterious stories, intricate puzzles, and unsettling atmosphere. With four main entries and a spin-off released between 2012 and 2018, fans have been eagerly awaiting news of The Room 5. While not yet officially confirmed, there are high hopes that a fifth main installment in this acclaimed franchise is coming.

The Room Series Background

The Room series immerses players in a world of puzzle boxes, cryptic clues, and eerie environments. Each game tells a self-contained story as the player navigates rooms and contraptions, unlocking their secrets.

The Room (2012)

The first game introduced the compelling puzzle box concept and an intricate attic room setting. It set the tone for the franchise with its moody, gothic atmosphere.

the room 5

The Room Two (2013)

The sequel expanded the world to include more rooms and locations. It built on the original’s framework with new puzzle types and a story revolving around a mysterious scientist’s alchemy experiments.

The Room Three (2015)

For the third installment, the developers used a 3D engine for the first time, bringing a new level of immersion and intricate visual detail. The Victorian-era setting took players from an attic to a séance room and beyond.

The Room Old Sins (2018)

The prequel provided a fresh storyline about the disappearance of an engineer and his wife, set in an eerie dollhouse. Old Sins introduced domestic environments like a kitchen and nursery to explore.

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The Room 5 Announcement

In November 2022, Fireproof Games officially announced they began working on the next game in the award-winning puzzle series. While they have not confirmed The Room 5 title or released many details yet, fans are thrilled that a new game is developing. The announcement included an ominous teaser image of a finger spiraling into an unsettling eye.

This brief first glimpse into the upcoming project signals that the beloved franchise is set to continue with another chapter of surreal puzzles and environments. Fans are eager to dive into the mysteries and challenges of a new Room game.

What to Expect from The Room 5

Though the developers have remained secretive about what exactly The Room 5 will entail, Continued Puzzle Solving Gameplay

First and foremost, intricate puzzle box challenges and problem-solving can be expected to be the core of the gameplay. Manipulating complex objects in the rooms to unlock their secrets has defined the series.

Eerie and Unsettling Atmosphere

The Room games have mastered an unnerving vibe through their mysterious stories, supernatural elements, intricate visuals, and haunting audio design. The Room 5 will likely deliver this same gothic, creepy atmosphere fans love.

Enhanced Graphics and Visuals

With each new entry, Fireproof Games has taken advantage of technology improvements to heighten the visual fidelity and detail, from The Room’s static images to Old Sin’s full 3D environments. The Room 5 should push the envelope even further graphically.

New Puzzles and Challenges

Fans will expect fresh puzzle concepts, contraptions, and challenges to test their problem-solving skills in new ways. The developers must live up to their reputation for ingenious puzzle design.

Deeper Story and Lore

Though the games feature self-contained stories, Room 5 has an opportunity to expand on the connected story world and lore. More secrets of the Null element and its influence on reality could be revealed.

Potential Release Date

The Room games have traditionally seen 18-24 months between main series releases. Since Old Sins launched at the end of February 2018, long-time fans had speculated a late 2019 or 2020 release for The Room 5 before the 2022 announcement.

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The Room 5 Release Date

Now, with the project confirmed to be in early development, a late 2023 or 2024 release seems plausible, depending on how smoothly progress goes. However, Fireproof Games will likely take the meticulous care needed to meet their high standards before setting an official release date.


The Room series has succeeded by being released initially on mobile platforms before coming to PC and consoles. This accessible formula should continue.


Releasing first on iOS and Android has allowed the games to flourish through intuitive touch controls and portable play. The Room 5 will almost certainly launch as a premium mobile title.


The Room games have all been ported to Steam, Good Old Games, and other digital PC storefronts, usually within a few months of the mobile release. Room 5 will likely follow suit.


Console ports to PlayStation and Xbox platforms have also consistently arrived within 6-12 months after the mobile launch. Console gamers can anticipate eventually joining in on The Room 5 as well.

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The Room VR: A Dark Matter – Official Trailer

Here is The Room VR trailer we found.

Hopes for The Room 5

Fans desire ways the next game could expand upon the winning formula.

More Challenging Puzzles

Many longtime fans found Old Sins’ puzzles enjoyable but easier than previous games. They hope for more diabolical challenges to test their critical thinking skills.

Expanded World and Locations

With the established multiverse concept, Room 5 can explore fresh environments beyond the rooms of the first four games, bringing new flavors.

Multiplayer or Co-op Mode

A competitive or cooperative multiplayer mode would be a radical departure, providing lively social dynamics. Friends could race to solve puzzles or collaborate through challenges.

Multiplayer or Co-op Mode

VR Support

The immersive escapism of VR seems like an excellent fit for navigating the bizarre world of The Room. Optional VR support could heighten the experience substantially.


While details remain scarce, the future looks bright for more mind-bending adventures in The Room franchise. Room 5 has significant potential to build on the ingenious puzzle design, mysterious atmosphere, and rich lore fans have come to expect. The Room 4 left an intriguing cliffhanger that demands a proper sequel.

Whenever Fireproof releases its new psychological thriller, dedicated fans worldwide will be ready to embrace the challenge. For now, they can theorize and anxiously await the chance to unlock the secrets of the next game.

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Q: Is there a set release date for The Room 5?

A: No official release date has been announced yet. Fans speculate it may arrive sometime in late 2023 or 2024.

Q: What platforms will The Room 5 be available on?

A: Most likely, it will launch first on mobile (iOS and Android), followed by PC and console ports after a few months.

Q: Will The Room 5 have multiplayer or VR support?

A: These have not been confirmed, but they are popular feature requests from fans. The developers may consider adding them.

Q: How can I stay updated on the news about The Room 5?

A: Follow Fireproof Games’ social media channels or sign up for their newsletter on their website to receive updates. Checking news sites regularly can also provide new reveals.

Q: Will The Room 5 conclude the story or create a new arc?

A: It’s unknown for now, but the cliffhanger ending of The Room 4 suggests the next game may further expand the complex story and world.


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